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Year of birth : 1998

Age: 17 years

Place of birth : New Geri, USA

Citizenship : United States


In 1999, the band `s own efforts recorded their debut album `Side Show Freaks`, followed by EP` Rain` (2000). The group was born in late 1998, after meeting the drummer Carlos Aguilar (Carlos Aguilar), a Peruvian by birth, and vocalist Max Illidge (Max Illidge) in a band called `Alien`. A little later, the duo joined by rhythm guitarist Joey D`Amiko (Joey D`Amico), followed by -lead guitarist Plingos Jordan (Jordan Plingos) and bassist Steve Ferreira (Steve Ferreira). In 1999, the band `s own efforts recorded their debut album `Side Show Freaks`, followed by EP` Rain` (2000). Puerto Rican bass player Hector Graziani (Hector Graziani) Ferreira replaced just before the release of `Rain`.Later, both albums were reissued, `Side Show Freaks` in 2008 and ` Rain` in 2007.

Eventually, the band signed with the label `

London-Sire Records`, and October 16, 2001 they released their first professional album `Invitation to the Dance`, the producer who delivered the Canadian music producer and sound engineer GGGarth -Garth Richardson (Garth Richardson). Two months after the release of the album ` London-Sire Records` ceased operations due to corporate mergers and `Invitation to the Dance` was reissued through ` Warner Music`. After a series of performances and tours the group was engaged in recording material for the new album, `The Mourning After`,which was released in October 2003, on the label `Razor & Tie Records`, whose contract was signed in June of 2003. The material was so much that the band threw out about 15 songs recorded until 21 of them in the final version left 10 plus a bonus track `The Day I Died`. Shortly thereafter, Jordan temporarily replaced by Ty Fury (Ty Fury),and then Ryan Jersey (Ryan Jurhs) of `Flaw`. Then Carlos left the band.

In spite of the total composition of the shift, in October 2006, on the label `Crash Music Inc.` released the band`s latest album ,` The Last Dance`. Then there were rumors that the ` 40 Below Summer` reunited, will tour in support of their latest album and even votabout to start work on a new album, but after a radio interview Max Illidge occupied by new project `Black Market Hero`, it became clear that rely on is not worth it. The singer said that the group ` 40 Below Summer` died long ago and is not subject to resuscitation.

Nassar Ali (Ali Nassar) replaced Carlos on drums and ,having played two live performances called ` 40 Below Summer`, the band decided to rename the group ` Black Market Hero`. They were soon joined by another former member of the `Flaw`, drummer Mick Heverteyp (Micah Havertape), replacing Nassar. In January 2006, Graziani was forced to leave the band because of a strong hearing losswhich he had suffered for many years, and which has continued to progress, and in August he was replaced by bassist Matt Fortin (Matt Fortin) from `Confliction`. After the departure of Ryan Jersey in 2007, the band could not choose a candidate for the position of lead guitarist, and they temporarily became Redd Chris (Chris Redd) from the legendary hardcore punk band `Murphy`s Law`,the old teams each. Finally, in 2008, he took etomesto guitar virtuoso Vivaldi Angel (Angel Vivaldi), and the band began recording fresh material. Vivaldi left the group in 2010, saying that `Black Market Hero`, never seem to finish recording their debut album (their first single ` Freedom Dealer` released in 2007). In July 2010, it was announced in October, it is expected to address the newly merged ` 40 Below Summer`. The band appeared in a concert played `Invitation to the Dance` from the first track to the last, but that was it.

`With Daggers Drawn` - this last project, consisting of former members of ` 40 Below Summer`.Now the team of Max Illidge, Joey D`Amiko, Shiro Ed (Ed Schiro), Tommy Costello (Tommy Costello) and Greg Telfian (Greg Telfian)

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