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Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Curtis Dzhekson

Original name: Curtis Jackson


More than any other music since the days of blues, hip- hop tells the story.And all his stories both criminal and grand, exciting and unbelievable, but just as interesting and convincing as the narrator himself.

That`s why, rejected by show business and not having a contract with a leading record company, 50 cents, a true son of Queens, turned to face Jamaica, as the planet turned towards the sun, 50 ,born Curtis Jackson 26 years - a real find for a great deal. 50 - Street Fighter, closely familiar with the code of honor and streets cruelty, but, nevertheless, he winningly intelligent and keeps with the royal dignity of the environment negligible. His life`s adversities and sarcastic mockery of the primitive ,sentimental swindlers 50TS allowed to buy the very qualities that are needed towards future wealth.

50 cents - a person of life, so it makes living things. Born in Queens, in a notorious family of drug addicts in the late 70 - ies. 50TS orphaned early. He grew up without a father, there were various rumors about his mother ,she ended her life in strange circumstances when 50TS was still a teenager. Behind him, looked after orphaned grandparents. But his passion for drugs drove him out into the street, in the quarter. In his case it was nebezizvestnaya New York street, now Guy R. Brewer Blvd., where the 50TS and began his rap. The birth of his son raised 50TS creativity to a new level, and he began to do rap seriously. He signed a contract with JMJ label Run DMC DJ Jam Master Jay and began studying his craft. JMJ taught him how to read and unzhno build their songs. Unfortunately they were not able to give a lot 50TS being constrained networks business.The owners of Platinum hits noticed 50TS and signed it under the Columbia Records in 1999. They pushed 50TS from New York and closed it in the studio as much as two and a half weeks. He recorded 36 songs in this short period of time ending no release issued by the "Power of a Dollar", a masterpiece that Blaze Magazine magazine called classics. 50TS issued "How to Rob", playful writing out a hungry thief, night and day dreaming rob famous rappers. But 50TS and his fans were the only ones who thought it was funny. Jay-Z, Big Pun, Sticky Fingaz, and Ghostface Killah not taken the joke and responded to this song. "Nothing personal. It was just a comedy,based on real circumstances that made the story funny, " - said 50TS.

In April of 2000. 50TS in shot 9 times, including a 9 mm bullet, which was released in his face about her grandmother`s house in Queens. The next few months, he got better, and meanwhile, Columbia Records has excluded him from their label. 50TS is not bent ,he was doing track by track, in spite of the commercial success nor a refund of money invested with his new business partner and friend Sha Money XL. Together they have recorded more than 30 songs specifically for mixes with a single purpose - for fun.

Rank 50 C grew more and more, and by the summer of 2001 he released his independent release " Guesswho`s back ? ". By attracting more and more interest, with the support of his team, G-Unit, 50 C continued to hone his skills and produce the songs. But now everything was different. Instead of creating a new, as it was before, he began to do remakes on Classy bits made earlier. So they released Red, White and Blue bootlegs (t. e semi-pirated records, official records, supplemented with new material) . "For 50TS - Future" - appeared in critical articles Jay Z and even Rapheal Saadiq.

That`s when the incredible happened, and was written by hip- hop history. Vigorous Sidi reached ear Supa MC Eminem and within a week Eminem said on radio " 50TS is now my favorite rapper. "GM tried to win the approval of mentor Dr. Dre to confirm confidence in young lyrics meykere, and a good doctor subscribed. Accompanied by great approval, 50TS did not hesitate in signing a contract with the Dream Team (Dream Team) . In view of obtaining a confession, 50TS has become everyone`s lips after his reappearance in one decade. No, not in the summer of 1994. When on the radio everything associated with B.I.G, hip- hop has become so popular.

As a prudent businessman, 50TS did not miss his opportunity and quickly released a new collection of bootleg "No Mercy, No Fear" (" Without charity and without fear") . His Sidi contained only one new track "WANKSTA", which, of course ,It was not intended for the radio, but the streets do not want to wait, when will the official single and within weeks "WANKSTA" became the most requested record in New York. And the Star Trek found its place in the multi - platinum soundtrack to Eminem`s sensational film "8 Mile. " Having to his credit several big hits ,50TS hopes to become the best rapper of next year. He will present about 10 stunning tracks, stockpiled since last spring, and re- recorded, received the admiration of Eminem.

50TS debut promises to set the pace of the development of hip-hop in the coming years. Because of unrelenting aggressiveness, talent, and to be honest, its reality ,50TS first official album promises to him what its name suggests. Exciting contagious and furiously funny with his "I - spit - on Personality " 50TS undoubtedly be rich or die, making it. ..

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