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" 702 " (pronounced " Seven -oh- that ") - a popular American R `n` B - trio. 702 -is the code of the city of Las Vegas, where I came from this trio. The group - a dark-skinned soloist Camilla Williams, and two sisters, and Lemish Irish Grinstead. Previously, the group had four girls, but in 2008, died of kidney failure a third of the sisters Grinstead - Orisha.

She started the group in Las Vegas, when the sisters Lemish ,Irish and girlfriend Camila Williams went to the Vegas Academy of Performing Arts. Girls showed their vocal skills in the lobby of Caesars Palace, when the city took another major boxing match. They hoped that kakaya-a " big shot " of the music industry will be randomly pass by and appreciate their talent is appreciated. After many performances they had almost lost all hope for a miracle, but at one point they saw the actor - comedian David Atkins, better known by his stage name Sinbad. Although Sinbad and was not produced ,he liked the performance of girls and he intended to achieve the popularity of them. Sinbad persuaded parents and sisters Camila Grinstead that they let the girls at a competitive music festival held in Atlanta. At the festival, they took second place to the end of the contest and asked for an audition with producer Michael Bivins. He was pleased with the vocal abilities of girls and agreed to work with them.

The group `s debut single was the song "This Lil` Game We Play". Then Mike Bivins and offered to take the code of the city of Las Vegas as the title of the album gruppy.rvym trio became "No Doubt", immediately taking off the top of the charts. Music from " Stello " the composition was taken to the TV channel Nickelodeon show " Cousin Skitter " and the song "All I Want" was voiced in the animated film " Gudburger ". Later their composition - "My Friend" sounded as the soundtrack to the film " Men in Black ", and in 1998 the " Seven -oh- that " played a cameo in the comedy series " Sister Sister " and " wash "The second album of the group wore the name - " 702 ". With the single "Where My Girls At?", Written by Missy Elliott, the girls took fourth place in hundreds of the best clips on the assessment of the journal " Billboard ". The album was nominated for numerous awards and sold more than 500 thousand copies.

When the wave of popularity due to the release of their second album, subsided ,temporarily left the group Camila Williams, decided to pursue a solo career. The vacant place was taken by Missy Elliot in the new part of the girls released a record "Pootie Tangin". The last album to date " Seven -oh -tu ", "Star" was released in 2003.

Trio was repeatedly nominated for various awards in the field of R`n`B- musicand in 1997 he received the grand prize for the record " No Doubt " in the nomination "The best R`n`B- album of the year. "

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