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Year of birth : 2005

Age: 10 years

Birthplace : Torrance, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

Project Michalka sisters

Project Michalka sisters, to some extent increased the resources of the studio `Disney`. Now sister act independently under a new name and a few fresh style ; actively experimenting, they gradually develop their own,unique sound and create new materials for the next performances and recordings.

78violet - American pop - rock band, sister project Alison (Alyson Michalka) and Amanda Joy Michalka (Amanda Joy `A.J.` Michalka).

The debut album of the sisters, `Into the Rush`, released on August 16th 2005 - and by March of 2006, was certified gold by the RIAA version. Critics, however, have been more mixed than unambiguous - the singer noted the presence of a certain talent, but to talk about the brightest stars in the musical firmament did not rush anyone. Special mention deserve 2 songs from the album - `No One` and ` Do You Believe In Magic`.The first came in the soundtrack of the Disney movie `Ice Princess`, the second one - which is a remake of the composition The Lovin` Spoonful - was also used in the project ` Disney` and subsequently became the first single sisters entered into the top twenty of the Canadian `Hot 100`.Not bad single was adopted and on American soil - in terms of sales in the rating of `Billboard` he rose to the second line.

The sisters actively participated in a number of projects `Walt Disney Records`. July 24, 2005, their concert was held in Hollywood, California (Hollywood, California). Speaks at the moment under the name of sisters Aly & AJ.The concert was made all 5 compositions - in particular, something with a debut album of girls.

In August 2006, the album was re-released ; in the new version of the 3 new songs were included, and this time, the disc sold well in the UK. Shortly afterwards, on 26 September, 2006, the sisters released their second studio album ,`Acoustic Hearts of Winter`. This plate was clearly framed in a Christmas format - that was felt in the songs.

The third studio album, `Insomniatic`, released on July 10 th of 2007. These included mlodii styles electro, rock and electronic dance-pop. The sound of the sisters is almost no way resembles their same early experiences ;Now in their work actively used synthesizers, synth- rock guitars, vocoders and electronic instruments. In the ranking of `Billboard 200` new record climbed to the 15th line ; in the first week it sold more than 39,000 CDs - which is the best debut of the disk and sisters to this day. A total of 700 000 copies were sold on US soil. The main single of the album, `Potential Breakup Song`, came before most of the plate ; He was also received very, very well, becoming the first single sisters entered into the rating of the US in the first 20 -ku, and subsequently having received platinum status.

In December 2007, it was stated ,that the group will replace the Jonas Brothers at the opening concert of the series `Best of Both Worlds Tour`, nmechennogo for the period from 11 to 24 June 2008. At the same time it was officially confirmed the group `s second single, `Like Whoa`. At the beginning of the new year, the sisters sang a cover version of `Black Horse and the Cherry Tree` KT Tunstall.Cover it was later included in the Japanese version of their third studio album, recorded forces `Abbey Road Studios`. Another cover in this period, the sisters did on `We`re an American Band` for collection ` Randy Jackson`s Music Club, Vol. 1` ; girls recorded a new interpretation of classic funkrock composition on the collection included as a bonus track.

At the beginning of 2008, it was stated that Michalka sisters are working on a new studio album - which is due out at the end of 2009. In an interview given on 23 April 2008, `Radio Disney` girls confirmed that they are going to continue to experiment. This time, their creation was to find a ` rokovyy` format ; In addition, the sisters were going to sing separately, not harmonizing their voices as before. Now fans opened a new opportunity - to understand what and where to perform some of the sisters. October 7, 2008, it was announced that the album will go on sale in April 2009 ,under the logo `Hollywood Records`; these plans, however, was not destined to come true - a month later the duo officially announced that the new album is delayed at least until the summer. Transfers went further - first release of the album was scheduled for the autumn of 2009, then 30 September 2009, the duo began already on the beginning of next year. In vain the time ,Of course, the sisters never lost - they had to write a new song `The Next Worst Thing`, together with the group Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo (Rivers Cuomo). Parallel sister rabotalidvumya renowned rock producer, Chris Lord Algie (Chris Lord-Alge) and Rob Cavallo (Rob Cavallo). Throughout 2009-sister of creating more and more new compositions ; among other things, they had a chance to work with James Daniel (Daniel James) and Leah Haywood (Leah Haywood). It was rumored that in the summer of 2009, the sisters will go on tour, but later denied it on the official website personally Aly Michalka. According to her ,at that time there was an active work on the material collected - and distracted was not under the best output album light capabilities and desires. The tour, by the way, was planned yet - but only at the beginning of 2010, within the framework of the promotion of the new album.

July 8th, 2009, it was reported that the duo got a new name - 78violet; also, by the way, Scheduled to headline their new album. Alas, to reach the light ey and failed - February 19, 2010, the duo announced his retirement from the `Hollywood Records` and repeal the new album release. The sisters, however, reported that they are ready to start work on a new album. 1 December of 2010 there was a new song - the first composition ,recorded group under a new name.

On the official start of work on a new album it was announced on June 19 of 2012 ; to the 22 th was officially approved the membership included in the album tracks, and on October 15 th 2012, the sisters said that the plate is ready to go on sale in 2013 - th - and in the summer 2013, he was appointed tentatively single output. Alas, these plans were never implemented - planned record in sales and not enrolled. The sisters continue to perform and record new music to this day, although the specific activity in terms of burning they do not have to boast

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