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" Our songs have become more and more diverse, and now one will find in them something for themselves ," - they say.

Melodic soul-98 Degrees quartet was formed in Los Angeles in the mid 90s. The group consisted of brothers Nick and Drew Leich, Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffrey. It all started after Jeff left Ohio to Los Angeles to start a musical career. He formed a band, and when one of its members of the then ,who was a classmate of Nick on the creative arts school in Cincinnati, she offered him as a suitable candidate for participation in the group, Nick packed his belongings and ran to the west. Justin was the next to join the group, and then come and all Drew, who at the time worked as a technician in the brigade ambulance in Brooklyn ,and did everything in between - from sadovnichestva to work as a security guard at a nightclub. Gathered guys honing their skills, performing in competitions and auditions.

Soon the boys met with members of Boyz II Men, which provided them with the opportunity to sing in the local radio station. The group soon met John Dee Paris ,one of the managers Montell Jordan. He helped in the arrangement of the first demos, and with its help the group signed a contract with Motown. The debut single, "Invisible Man", released in 1997, falls on the 12th place on the Billboard charts. In July, the band released their debut self-titled album, which also receives a success,and thanks to the "Invisible Man", becomes gold in Canada and the United States. In late 1998, the band released their second album " 98

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