A La Disposition

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Year of birth : 2004

Age: 11 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


American fashion house `A La Disposition`, located in New York (New York),It was founded by designer tandem - Linda Quinn (Lynda Kinne) and Daniel Kinnom - in the year 2004. To this day they remain the owners of the fashion brand.

Daniel Quinn was born in 1974 in Germany (Germany), and Linda Quinn, nee Linda Cohen (Cohen), in 1971 in New York. They met at the Parsons School of Design (Parsons School of Design),where both learned the features of the world of fashion and fashion design skills.

Since its founding house `A La Disposition` found its niche among the new New York designers due to its uncompromising sense of independence and a unique vision. Linda and Daniel partly draw their inspiration from the past. For example,in the center of the collection Spring-Summer 2006 was a corset and its various modifications. At the same time, the brand `A La Disposition` a unique design that represents an unusual combination of historical garments with modern concepts of fashion. Satisfying the demand of so-called retro lady with an aesthetic flair ,Brand `A La Disposition` ceases not to put at the center of dramatic and romantic details of clothing.

Linda and Daniel, describing his concept and vision of fashion, insist that their ` peregonka` knowledge helps them to create clothing that is both refined to meet the delicate taste, easy and delicious. According to the designer couple, this combination is perfect. The founders of the House pay special attention to the sensations caused by clothing, ` touch fabric and how clothing affects on your chuvstvah`.

Against this background, the brand `A La Disposition` favor with a group of ladies,who want to have unique and at the same time a classic appearance and appreciate the high quality of workmanship. The high degree of elaboration of each part of the garment and the work done by individual orders fashion house `A La Disposition` desirable for the most demanding customers. Brand `A La Disposition` also provided its customers with a unique tandem fragrances, received an unusual name {{intangible}} (approx. ` ` Neulovimoe` or nedostizhimoe`) . Perfume composed of two independent two flavors in bottles of 50 ml, is designed ` to truly reflect who you really are. .. or what you want to be a`. One is filled with futuristic flavor notes of leather and steel, while the other - subtle floral notes. Optionally, you can create your unusual mix of two components {{intangible}}.

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