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Year of birth: 1997

Age: 18 years

Place of birth: California, United StatesCitizenship: United States


A perfect circle for more than two years "A perfect circle" select and prepare the material for their first album. Meanwhile, impatient fans "Tool" was growing, and they are all waiting for the release of a new project Keenan.

In a relatively short time of its existence, "A perfect circle" of sayd-the project turned into a real supergroup. And came into the group in 1997, when the team Keenan Maynard (James Keenan Herbert, p. 17 April 1964, Ravenna, USA) "Tool" having all sorts of legal problems. To somehow distract yourself from these routine cases Maynard along with former guitar tech Billy Haurdelom (b. May 18 ,1970) helped record "Aenima", decided to play a more melodic music, rather than executable "Tool".

Completed the composition "A perfect circle" guitarist Troy Van Lieven (ex- "Failure", "Enemy", p. 5 January 1970) , the Argentinian bassist Paz Lenchantin (b. December 12, 1973Mar del Plata) and a veteran of many commands such as "Vandals" and "Infectious grooves", drummer Josh Freese (b. December 25, 1972, Orlando, USA). Music took to compose Haurdel and responsible for writing texts upon himself Keenan, who had already pretty podnatoretv case.A perfect circle for more than two years "A perfect circle" select and prepare the material for their first album. Meanwhile, impatient fans "Tool" grew, and they all expect the release of the new project Keenan. Finally, in August 1999, the band appeared for the first time in public, having played their debut concert in Los Angeles-based "Viper Club". The album, entitled "Mer De Noms" went on sale in spring next year after the conclusion of the contract with the "Virgin records". This set epic surreal compositions was passed very good listeners.

It could be said, at least judging by the charts "Billboard",where "Mer De Noms" settled on the fourth line that debuting team is extremely rare indication. Copies of the album in the United States amounted to only a quarter of a million copies. While participants digested the new creation Keenan, who returned to activity in the "Tool", and came to them "Lateralus" for recording.A perfect circle of other musicians "A perfect circle" did not lose time and find something to do other projects. So, Lenchantin took part in the "Zwan", Lieven Van helped "Queens of the stone age" in the creation of "Songs for the deaf", and Freese had fun in the "Evanescence". All these distractions are over shuffling composition,and the sessions of the second album "A perfect circle" came the updated configuration. Place the bass player is now ranked Jordy White (none other like Twiggy Ramirez of "Marilyn Manson"),

and I occupied the second guitar James Iha of "Smashing pumpkins".

"Thirteenth step" was released in October of 2003. On this album,the band made the step from melodic pop metal towards the Gothic. At its core, the disc is a conceptual study of the darker sides of the human soul. In general, the plate was made soundly and efficiently, which was confirmed by a second place in the "Billboard" and sells more than 225 ,000 copies of the "Thirteenth step" in its first week of release.

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