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Year of birth : 2002

Age: 13 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

Alternative Rock New York

`A Place to Bury Strangers` (APTBS) - American musical group ,performing alternative rock and based in New York City (New York). To date, the team has released three studio albums and numerous singles and EP.

Established group `A Place to Bury Strangers` in 2002, it stood at the origins of David Hoffman (David Goffan) Gregorio and Tim (Tim Gregorio).The current frontman Oliver Ackermann (Oliver Ackermann) arrived in New York after the collapse of his previous command, `Skywave`, and very soon it became impossible to imagine ` A Place to Bury Strangers` without Ackerman. Once the project has left Hoffmann, Oliver became the main songwriter. His first concert of the young team played in the Brooklyn club `Luxx`, it was in 2003.

When the group left Tim Gregorio, in its place came just two - Jay Space (Jay Space) and Jono Mofo (Jono Mofo), are both used to play as part of `MOFO`.

In 2006 APTBS personally released the EP a few, and they were of different colors ,and later became known as the Red, Blue and Green.

In 2006 and 2007, the musicians were not too sharp, appearing in concerts and there, here and in New York, they were known as ` the loudest gruppu`.

IN 2007-m group received its first contract - John Whitney (Jon Whitney) from the record company `Killer Pimp Reords` musicians signed with a record deal, released in the same year and was called simply -` A Place to Bury Strangers`.

The popularity gradually grew, and soon became known APTBS and in the UK ,and their concerts were becoming more serious.

The second album - `Exploding Head` - came out in 2009, this time the band worked with the label ` Mute

Records`. In support of the album, they traveled with a large tour round Europe.

Shortly after the album`s release the band have Mofo, the reasons for it were very clear - he recently got married,while touring and teamwork robbed him of a lot of time at his place temporarily come Lunadon Dion (Dion Lunadon).

In July 2010, APTBS played in the biggest rock festival in South America - Rock al Parque, which was held in the Colombian capital of Bogota (Bogota, Colombia).

At the beginning of 2011, Ackerman said ,the band began work on their third album, and the album, `Worship`, was released in 2012.

Today, musicians are already working on their fourth studiynikom, and besides, APTBS not released EP meee dozen and as many singles.

It is said that on his tour APTBS musicians carry an incredible amount of equipment,and in an interview with Oliver admitted that the weight of the equipment is more than half a ton.

Despite the fact that their music is not understood by everyone, fans love `A Place to Bury Strangers` for their unique work with sound. So, sometimes the band`s sound recalls something non-existent, heavenly. Oliver Ackerman is very proud of is sound : ` Traditional groups very much, and I do not know how to play well. We `re not trying to be the heirs of the traditional popular bands and play music because we`re musicians, we play music. This is another force, and other emotions that we are trying to peredat`.

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