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In 1991, four guys from a small California town Yucay in between skateboarding began to explore musical instruments. They called these guys who founded the now famous command "A.F.I." ("A fire inside"), Davey Havok (vocals), Adam Carson (drums), Marcus Stofoles (guitar) and bassist Vic.The last few months has disappeared, and was replaced by Geoff Kresge. Popankovav some time in the nearby vicinity, and released a split -EP with another local band "Loose change" (in which he played their next guitarist Jade Pyuzhe) guys have returned to school.During the next school holidays gang gathered together and played a couple of gigs. The concerts were a great success, and the team decided to throw a class in college, and instead take up music seriously. California hardcore punk, which performed "A.F.I.",after the release of two singles attracted the attention of the company "Wingnut records". On this label in 1995 released their debut album.

A.F.I.A couple of things from this CD ("I Wanna get a Mohawk and" Brownie Bottom Sundae ") later became the classic" AFI ". The following year, followed by another punk album," Very proud of ya ",published in "Nitro records". during the third album of the past record Kresge replaced Hunter Bergan of "The force". "Shut your mouth and open your eyes" with its exuberant energy it has turned out the most hardcore release. By the beginning of the session fourth album in the team again was replaced - this time became the new guitarist Pyuzhe,who moved to "A.F.I." from " 87 Redemption". Updated composition debut with the EP "A fire inside", and then released most valued fans album "Black sails in the sunset".

In 1999, also released another mini-album, "All Hallows". On one song from this release "Offspring" did a cover, sounded in the soundtrack of "Me, myself & Iren". This song,"Totalimmortal", was played at many US stations, forcing the audience to pay attention to creativity "A.F.I.".

A.F.I.Spustya year same success was the composition "Days of the Phoenix" from the album "The art of drawning". On this disc, the sound was so extraordinary that the style of the group dubbed the gothic - punk.Team members themselves opposed to this definition, and although their music is sometimes reminiscent of creation "Cure" and "Siouxsie and the banshees", they went their separate ways. As it turned out, the musicians labors were not in vain, and in 2003 the album "Sing the sorrow", published in "DreamWorks Records" label,was a resounding success. Its been involved in producing such well-known personalities like Jerry Finn ("Rancid", "Green Day", "Jawbreaker") and Butch Vig ("Nirvana", "Smashing Pumpkins").

In a review of the record "Classic rock" magazine wrote: "Typical for a hardcore - punk vocals,raging against the backdrop of gloomy rhythmic "lining" in the spirit of "The cure" time "Pornography", coupled with the heavy guitar sounds puts the group on a par with such classics how to "Siouxsie and the banshees" and "Sisters of mercy "".