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`A. V. Max` - an American company that produces a variety of jewelry - earrings , necklaces, pendants , bracelets . Among the fans of the company - the actress Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker).

`A. V. Max` was founded in 1998 by the New York designer Amy Vennema (Amy Vennema), which remains the sole owner of the brand. Headquarters-Company apartment is located in New York (New York City). Since the founding of Amy and her staff worked hard to offer buyers a new design for a nice price. Jewelry `A. V. Max` sold in upscale department stores and popular , such as `Anthropologie`,` Bloomingdales`, `Neiman Marcus`,` Girlshop.com`,`Kitson L.A.` and ` Henri Bendel`. In addition , the company's products are sold in boutiques throughout the United States (United States), and `A. V. Max`, meanwhile, is working closely with a number of private labels , creating new collections . These collections were able to not only ideally suited to seasonal styles ,but without losing its fashionable originality inherent in the brand is `A.V. Max`.

In addition to jewelery `A.V. Max` sold in upscale stores , the jewelry and accessories appeared on the pages of many fashion magazines , including `Vogue`,`Glamour`,` Cosmopolitan`, `Lucky`,` InStyle`, `Elle` and ` Marie Claire`.

The company is known for the fact that every season it is at the forefront of global fashion . The brand real talent to capture future trends, and then turn them into beautiful , luxurious and comfortable accessories . All products of the brand `A. V.Max` created manually by experienced craftsmen in the studio , which is located in the heart of the fashion district of New York.

Amy Vennema , native of New York City , grew up in Greenwich Village (Greenwich village), and her studio is located in Manhattan (Manhattan), the same place where the headquarters of the most famous brands in the fashion world . Not surprising,what New York serves as the inspiration for her work . Amy always loved jewelry and started working in the procurement of long before they began to invent itself . Her experience is very useful to her , because now Amy always knows exactly what they want from their jewelry of her women customers .While working on the sketches of the inspiration comes from everywhere : museum exhibitions , fashion shows on the catwalks , the people on the streets , movies and fashion shops - all of which can serve as a starting point for new ideas.

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