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Year of birth : 2005

Age: 10 years

Place of birth : San - Antonio, Texas, USA

Citizenship : United States

Christian rock from Engler brothers

From the first composition of the group `Abandon` two participants were brothers, and two others - cousins. Kinship, coupled with the talent of individual participants created a pretty strong team ; later, of course, and it was waiting for the change of the composition ofBut to succeed the group it did not hurt.

The original composition of the group `Abandon` included two brothers - Josh (Josh) and Justin Engler (Justin Engler), cousins Stivan (Stevan) and Dave Vela (Dave Vela) and their friend, Ryan Rivis (Ryan Reavis). The name of his group had learned from the Bible ,from ` Matthew 10 : 38` - ` and he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of Menya`. Josh took over the vocals, Justin and Stivan played guitar, Dave - drums and Ryan - bass. Created group was in 2002 ; the first platform for team appearances became the local church. Played Friend highly dignified,being able to get a small team fans.

By 2005 th group has already managed to break free local concerts ; soon saw the light of their first album, `Ambush`; it was produced by the band and Tavis Wilson (Tavis Wilson).

Above the second plate, `Who You Are`, musicians helped work already Bruchert Kevin (Kevin Bruchert).Shortly after the second album release of the Ryan Rivis left the band ; empty position of bass player, however, not for long - Bruchert invited to replace Brian Fowler (Bryan Fowler).

Contract with `Forefront Records` band signed in the fall of 2007. It was said that the label manager Chris York (Chris York) noticed a gang of hearing them perform in a club ;This club was located, by a happy coincidence, not far from the Mexican restaurant where my wife and I dined York. Intrigued by talented performers, York went with them to communicate ; communicated, the manager considers the group a valuable asset for the label, and offered them a contract. The first plate group after the signing of the contract has become produced by Chris Stevens EP `Abandon`; He was released July 22, 2008 th and included 5 songs later included on a studio album. Alt- rock song `Providence` and more modern in style and sound ` All Because of You` later became individual singles ;First, even climbed to the 7th line in the ranking of the Christian rock `R & R`. The group`s second album, `Control`, released April 19, 2011 a group of single - go.puschenny ` Live It Out` is currently used on a channel The Food Network as part of promoting their show `Food Network Challenge`; it is used on ` 2011 ESPY Awards Show`.The same single was to be found on the Channel Seven - for the most part, the programs related to the Australian Open of 2012.

In 2012, Josh Engler said he wanted to leave the tour group ; his brother, Justin decided to take the vacant post of vocalist. The drummer and bassist Dave Bryan, however, also decidedthat do not want to go on tour this year ; left alone, Stivan and Justin decided to get to work on new music. I helped them in this brother Dave, Ben Vela (Ben Vela).

In April 2013, the group launched kampaniyayu on `Kickstarter`, successfully brought together the necessary funds to launch a new album. The band`s third album, `Love prevails`,released November 4, 2014 - th ; among other things, he went on sale in `itunes`.

In early June 2014 it was announced that the former lead singer of `Audio Adrenaline` Kevin Max (Kevin Max) decided to leave his position in the group; I decided to take his place Josh Engler.

In 2014 `Abandon` released three new singles. Composition `It Was Love` out by itself ,`Forever` included in the total collection of various artists ` Reverence: an Offering`, and `While We`re Living` Jesusfreakhideout.com published on the site

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