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Year of birth : 1989

Age: 26 years

Citizenship : United States


The band returned to life in 2004 with the intention to release an album with a simple title "Absu",means a return to the " Sumerian " roots.

The Texas group " Absu " safely be attributed to black metallers, although the musicians are always positioned his work as " occult metal". The project was formed in 1989 by two guys from the glorious city of Dallas, Shaftielem (guitar, vocals) and Ekvitantom (guitar, bass). Initially, the team was called "Dolmen", but was later renamed to "Absu". This word musicians borrowed from Sumerian mythology, to which were very indifferent. For the first time "Absu" declared themselves demokassety release of "Return of the ancients". This film led the team to the "Gothic records",where in 1992 he was released EP "The temples of Offal".

By the time "Absu" gained great popularity in Texas, because they warmed up touring in the state of "Entombed", "Unleashed", "Vital Remains", "Incantation" and "Autopsy".

Debut album vyshelv 1993 and almost immediately was licensed by the French label "Osmose Productions". Incidentally,in the sessions "Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L." McGovern was Proscriptor (drums, vocals), with the arrival of which the team has found the classical form of the trio. Following this, the team parted ways with "Gothic records" and moved under the roof of a powerful "Osmose".Due to the change of home "Absu" we were able not only to record their second album in better conditions, but also to make a large-scale tour of Europe and North America with labelmates of "Enslaved", "Impaled Nazarene", "Sadistik Exekution" and "Inferno".

On this tour team rescued bassist and vocalist Mezzadurus of "Blood storm".In 2001, after a long pause, "Absu" returned with the album "Tara", which consisted of two parts and completes the trilogy nachatuyuna previous releases, "The third storm of Cythraul" (1996) and "In the eyes of Ioldanach" (1998). The concept of these three discs based on Celtic mythology and tales about wizards and tyrants. "Tara" was published as "Osmose productions", and the "Olympic recordings", and in the underground press has earned very high marks. In 2002, the team left one of its founders, Ekvitant, and was replaced by guitarist with unpronounceable moniker Kashshapksu. In the same year "Absu" for the first time after five years it appeared in his native Dallas ,where they played the opening act for "Manowar" and "Immortal". After this Proscriptor managed to hurt his arm and was out of action for several months.

The band returned to life in 2004 with the intention to release an album with a simple title "Absu", means a return to the " Sumerian " roots.

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