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Originalnoe name: Eddie Haerz

Original name: Eddi Haerz


Aceyalone, is an outstanding representative of American rap. He is the founder of the association "Freestyle Fellowship". Also he is a member of such projects as the "Haiku D`Etat", "The A-Team", "Project Blowed".

Eddie Haerz better known under the pseudonym of Aceyalone,is an outstanding representative of American rap. He is the founder of the association "Freestyle Fellowship". Also he is a member of projects such as the "Haiku D`Etat", "The A-Team", "Project Blowed".

After releasing several albums with bands such as "Freestyle Fellowship", "Innercity Griots",Eddie Haerz become quite recognizable musicians and performers.

In 1995, he released his first solo debut album titled "All Balls Don`t Bounce". Three years later, "Book of Human Language" saw the light of the second disc of the musician. Because of its openness and the right position, he immediately won the love of all Americans.Texts of his songs is quite understandable and accessible. In his compositions rapper talks about severe zhizniprostyh blacks, hatred and injustice. During this period of his life rapper Aceyalone often I went into all sorts of tours in the United States. Because of this he had a huge army of fans and fans.

.In 1999 the musician makes a joint drive with "Haiku D`Etat" team. The album bore the name of its artist, "Aceyalone". In 2000, Aceyalone released his third solo album "Accepted Eclectic". In 2002, a group of "Freestyle Fellowship" is back on the big stage and together with rapper Aceyalone musicians create an album "Shockadoom".The album has received great popularity among the public, and some critics have called him a second chance for a group of "Freestyle Fellowship".

In 2002 and 2003, the musician released two releases his solo album,

"Hip Hop and the World We Live In" and "Love & Hate".

In 2006 Aceyalone released two releases his compositions.The first album was called "Magnificent City", in its creation participated famous producer Erjen Dita.

Reper Aceyalone has created a lot of singles. The most known these compositions became: "Mic Check", "The Greatest Show on Earth", "The Faces", "Rappers Rappers Rappers", "Accepted Eclectic", "Microphones", " The Bigger They Come ","Lost Your Mind", "Moonlit Skies", "Find Out", "Fire", "Supahero".

He also participated in the creation of such albums as a "Thirsty Fish - Testing The Waters", "All Pro Football 2K8", "WCW w / Guru", "2K6 (The Tracks)", "Ellay Khule aka The Rifleman - Califormula "," Project Blowed: 10th Year Anniversary " and many others.

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