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`Actonic` - a popular American brand winter and demi-season shoes in twenty years of existence, won popularity not only in the United States, but around the world. The reasons for this popularity are several : first, the brand designers are paying attention not only to the appearance of the shoe ,but also the quality of the products ; secondly, from the very inception of the brand and fashion designers have done their best to shoes `Actonic` not only let down their owners, even in the most terrible cold, but also does not lose its charm even after several seasons. Using only natural fur and not missing in their production of artificial skin, guide `Actonic` proved that the bad weather - this is not the end of the world, and that every girl coming out of the house into the shoes of ` Actonic`, can be sure that she It does not yield models from fashion magazine covers. `Actonic` brand was founded in the United States and the very first months of existence, it has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of shoes. Summer and autumn women`s collection emphasized the natural elegance of female legs, which often becomes a victim of excessive design ; designers have not forgotten, and the convenience of the shoe, understanding perfectly,that only a beautiful and comfortable shoes finds a place in the locker room, and the girl`s heart. Men`s and children`s collection presented a different approach to the creation of footwear in which the main place designers have given the longevity of products and the quality of the materials used, but at the same time the models themselves have not lost their refinement and style.

According to the philosophy of `Actonic`,brand shoes created for those who love to spend time outdoors, an active lifestyle, but are not ready to part with the official style, and give preference to sports shoes. As the 20 -year-old experience of the brand in the market, this attitude proved advantageous in all respects.

Considerable attention management pays `Actonic` winter collection, So that a brand has been gaining popularity in cold countries, including in Russia. Despite popular belief that winter collections impossible to combine style and comfort, the designers `Actonic` still managed to find the perfect formula. Trimmed with natural fur and genuine leather ,shoes and ` dutiki` presented a compromise of style and comfort, and quickly won the hearts of the inhabitants of the Nordic countries, which thanks to the product ` Actonic` winter was not just a few months of snow and storms, but also an occasion each day to go out, as if instead of a snow-covered road in front of the podium was one of the largest fashion shows. Paying attention to every detail, in the winter collections of footwear designers use as the usual laces, and more practical for cold climates Velcro and zippers. If the way you expect ice, here you can rest easy, because during the first years of the brand`s designers have created a perfect image of the sole ,which is several times reduce slipping. Do not forget also that the `Actonic` positioning itself as a fashion brand, so that we can be absolutely sure that the shoes will be fashionable and actual completion of any outfit, no matter where you went.

Designers `Actonic` say that for 20 years on the market almost did not get the negative reviews ,however, nothing will be able to confirm their word is better than a pair of the new collection `Actonic` in your wardrobe.

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