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Year of birth : 1994

Age: 21 year

Citizenship : United States


It is urgent and energetic team - garde electronics. Here are their names : Stephen Kleydon, Anne Shelton, Barry " 7 " Smith.

On drums in ADD N TO (X) plays Rob Ellum from the group HIGH LLAMAS. Finally, the team was formed in 1994 with the advent of Anne. The band plays in almost all genres and styles ,not disdaining any twist or shake. And it takes them to the monstrous analog synthesizers 70s. On hearing their music - it upside wallow noise barrage behind which lurk mad beauty tunes. Today a group of ADD N TO (X), introducing on MTV a few scandalous pornoklipov, has in its arsenal a few albums (the last ,"Add Insult To Injury", released in October 2000, became a sensation) and millions of fans around the world.

" F - train rail train. H - s- s- s- s. And - and - and - and - ah - oo-oo -th -th-th. " That is not in the ear ringing, not his head itching - that sounds one of the tracks of the American group Add N To X. Such sounds, in theory, should not issue even synthesizers and some oscilloscopes. And they call it music. Analog boom produces its monsters. That old synthesizers are not only pleasing to the ear, but it koryabat, has long been known. Panasonic Finnish duo once hosted such an analog of terror that even the saints take away, but it proceeded in line with legalized experimentation. They`ve got their ghettos ,let there yourself and buzz. In Add N To X - problem of a scale. Their hummer - quite a pop. garage and low-tech. With vocals recorded through the antediluvian audio converters. But it is quite suitable for broadcast on MTV. They play twists and neck - as if the pile hammer at a construction site. They do avant-garde electronics -if one was playing left soundtracks amateur porn films. Add N To X gathered in a heap all the dirty and insolent in the music of the last decades. Their new album - a Night of the Living Dead and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Ottarabanil a dozen sparkling trash rooms, they put the final doleful ballad "B.P.Perino", the esterghostly nine- suite "Regent Is Dead" and the hidden track as if stolen from a clockwork music box. After half an hour of grace, these mixers are even more mockingly. And once again prove that Add N To X - one of the main groups in recent years. Although you can not ignore. Ears will be more whole.

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