Picture of Adult

Year of birth : 1998

Age: 17 years

Place of Birth : Detroit (Michigan) , United States.

Citizenship : United States


From the very first day of existence of the duo, the latter attracted the attention of his own music,execution style. In principle at all times Electronics was something special, unusual and extraordinary, original and innovative. When Adult duo spoke for the first time, the majority of fans of the neo -electro and electro - techno became clear that along with the musical group it is time to quality electricityprojects and really great music.

Adult - an amazing ensemble, popular American duo, which was formed in 1998, the year in Detroit (Michigan) . Currently, the team plays the music in the styles of Neo-Electro, Detroit Techno, Electro-Techno.

When a musical duo (who is now a member of a married coupleBy the way, Miller initially acted alone - under the br

After some time, Miller met with Nicola Kuperus and ever since the pair began performing creative - and often actively.

In 1998, the year of Adult duo debuted with excellent proe

In 2003 and it was published a new group record Anxiety Always,and two years later (after moving to Chicago, Adult duet) Douai

In 2007, the year of the next album of the couple has been recorded, which again impressed fans and made a lot of hype.

From the very first day of the duo`s existence, the latter attracted the attention of his own music, performance style. in principle

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