Picture of Aeoliah

Year of birth : 1980

Age: 35 years

Citizenship : United States


Eolia (Aeoliah) was born in Germany. At the age of ten, he immigrated to the US with his family in 1960. In 1972 he graduated from the University of Art in New Mexico. His paintings have been exhibited in museums of the Art Institute of Chicago and Stedelyuk Museum in Amsterdam.

While still a teenager ,he took the violin and music played at a local high school marching band. But his true love was always the piano. In 1979 he opened the gift to hear tonal proportionality Music of the Spheres, which corresponded to the healing tones and colors in the painting. Then he got the idea that the sound in any way associated with the universal forms of energy, and this ,in turn, became his inspiration and vision to create his first album, Inner Holiness in 1980.

Since Eolia becomes a classic New Age music. His music starts successfully sold in the United States and Europe. One of his best albums - Angelic Love, which was released in 1985 ,still it continues to be at the highest positions of alternative music market today.

Another album Eolii who have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of people - the House of Hearts (released as Angels Hearts in Europe) , was inspired by neo-classical romantic music, the piano late nineteenth century. His other albumhighly acclaimed by critics, the Angels of Healing has a strong demand in the US and the European market.

Music Eolii widely used by many professional healers all over the world. His music is known for its therapeutic qualities that have benefited hundreds of thousands of people. Its therapeutic music is used in hospitals, orphanages ,rehabilitation centers. To date, fourteen Eolia created music albums available in CD - ROMs and tapes. He has also created several cassettes and CDs for self-improvement, consisting of renderer for leadership in a special way with his music.

He - and Reiki master, and author of Awakening Your Inner LightWhich was named the best book of the year in North America in the category of New Age in 1992. Eolia has recently finished a second book - a metaphysical novel The Secret Gardens of the Heart.

Earlier, in 1998, it will create the first thirty-minute music video, combining his many talents of the composer and artist. Here is how the author describes the purpose of the creation of his music : " The music I compose is designed to help lift people from the more dense, more mundane consciousness samoosoznavaemoe, expanded consciousness, opening new sound measurement universal power of love and healing. Music becomes a vehicle for self-healing ,when it helps the listener to get in touch with his inner being, thus moving the center of consciousness to more love, awareness, and compassion. It is through this dynamic interactive process with the music, the inner self is awakened, and the healing process begins. "

Music Eolii - is the door ,which opens and maintains sound space for reconciliation, healing and balancing the mind, body, heart and soul. His music is a quality of the expanding radiance and beauty that lifts the soul into higher states of consciousness.

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