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Citizenship : SShA

Original name: Ian Bavitz


Known talented musician ,performing rap (alternative as well - the underground) .

This artist name - Ian Bavitz. His passion for music and everything that was connected with it, there was still deep in my childhood, when young future celebrity with great interest listened to the songs and otherwise emulated popular at that time artist.

Growing up,Aesop Rock `s own efforts has published several records (pretty bad for a while is not yet an experienced musician) , which have pleased fans of rap and glorified artist.

Soon - in the year 2000 - musician Ian Bavitz recorded an album, which was named Float for Mush,but after some time on the title already active in newspapers and fashion magazines.

In September of 2003, it was created neskolkoproektov who also became famous and gave fans the opportunity to once again enjoy the works of Aesop Rock.Constantly evolving musician did not want to be satisfied with the achieved and why - in the 2005`s - has published several creative musical works. At the beginning of 2007 Aesop Rock continued active. Gradually improving execution, he was involved in the search for new musical undertakings - entertaining, modern, innovative.

At all times, the musician preferred to rap.

Experts attribute this trend with the emergence of street, street music and street ideology. Especially popular this trend was in 1979, the year when the musical group Sugarhill Gang fans predstavilpotentsialnym project called Rapper`s Delight.Ever since the rap lightning began to spread not only in New York, but also everywhere - in the United States. In each region, rap acquired its own contours.

After - in the eighties - rap called a fad, strangeness and other modern, sometimes, it is not sensitive words. However, the true worshipers direction, in contrast, worshiped him and accepted as such as it was.

Another musical Aesop Rock style rap is an alternative that does not fit the traditional rap and its characteristics. Alt - rap special, in some cases, it refers to the varieties of hip-hop and other musical trends.

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