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Birthday : 7/18/1953, the

Age: 62 year

Place of birth : Lima, Ohio, United States

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Allen Sarven

Original name: Allen Sarven


Professional wrestler and actor Ray Allen Sarva, better known under the pseudonym Al snow,Pucile fame performing in Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Sarva Allen was born July 18, 1953 in Lima, Ohio. From his youth, Allen was interested in sports and eventually joined a sports camp organized by well-known wrestlers Ole and Gene Anderson.There he met with promoter Ohio`s Midwest Championship Wrestling Jim Lancaster, who became his first coach and manager. Lancaster, later told reporters that he saw sarwen a true leader in the ring, besides having also a " natural gift " to wrestling. May 22 1982 Sarv Allen first came to the ring Ohio`s Midwest Championship Wrestling, and on 5 May 1985, he won a ring of Jim Lancaster to fight for the title Midwest Championship Wrestling.

In the late 80`s early 90`s Sarva Allen acted in various independent leagues, entering into various teams and groups. In the ring, he has performed not only under the name of Al Snow, but also under the names of Leif Cassidy, Avatar, Shinobi, Steve Moore, "Aluring" Al Snow, "The Snowman" Al Snow, The Five

Star Ninja, "The Ultimate Fighter" Al Snow, "The Clown Prince of Hardcore", "Doctor Albert Snow", Diamond Dave, Masked Ninja, "The Clown Prince of Hardcore", "Sloppy Joe".He also coached the future star of Ultimate Fighting Championship and the NWA World Champion Dan Servais.

In the early `90s, Allen Sarva spent several exhibition bouts in Japan, and on returning entered the league Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). His first fight under the ECW vs. Chris Benoit, which was held February 4, 1995 ,Spectators named one of the best for the season.

Some time later, Jim Cornette, the owner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling League (SMW), Sarva invited to speak to him. Paul Heyman, the head of the ECW, Alain allowed to speak in two leagues at the same time, but the wrestler felt that it rarely let out to the ring in the ECW, and joined the SMW.The team The Dynamic Duo Sarva Allen and Glen Jacobs won the SMW championship and both came to the attention of scouts from the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). In 1995, Jacobs and Sarva podpsali contract to play in the most prestigious league of wrestling.

The WWF Sarva acted under pseudonyms Avatar, Shinobi,Steve Moore Marty Jeannette team The New Rockers. Big success in the WWF Allen was unable to achieve, and in the late `90s he returned to Extreme Championship Wrestling, where he performed under the name Al Snow.

He came up with some new tricks, leaving the ring with a rubber head in her hands, which once found in the street near the hall ECW Arena.In 1999, Allen`s image with his head in his hands even used in advertising their goods department store chain Wal-Mart.

In 1993, Allen Sarva first took part in the filming. He played a cameo role in the film "Rudy" directed by David Enspo. he returned to the screens in the film "They`re Just My Friends" in 2006. Today, Allen Sarva continues to work and act in films. After wrestling - this is the second passion in Allen`s life. In 2009 planned release of two films with the participation of the former wrestler - "Mountain Mafia" and "Rose Colored Miles"

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Al Snow picture
Al Snow photo
Al Snow image
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