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Year of birth : 2009

Age: 6 years

Place of birth : Athens, Alabama, United States

Citizenship : United States

Music in the American

`Alabama Shakes` - popular American blues- rock band, founded in 2009 in Athens, Alabama (Athens,Alabama) and released the popular album `Boys & Girls`, which, according to many critics, has breathed life into the blues - rock, for decades has been in decline.

With the rise of Western culture a few can say what American music is different from the music of America (United States). Really,language is not able to express the difference, but the difference is huge for the Americans : if the first term describes only belong to the country, the second is much deeper and more important, because it describes the music that became the foundation of this culture, absorbed the elements of different cultures and with generations of Americans proudly carried the flag on their shoulders. Someone might argue, however, that this story has been very controversial, it has been subject to political changes and social movements, but it is - the diversity and dynamics - formalized it and created.

Creativity `Alabama Shakes` - this retrospective, an attempt to revive a bygone era. And their diverse soundcombining the best elements of carved, but made him even more attractive. Someone finds it blues guitar and blues atmosphere of the era, while others - a bit nervous manner of singing, something reminiscent of Janis Joplin (Janis Joplin). In other words, `Alabama Shakes` is a trial, which could begin in 2009,and much earlier - in fact, at any time the history of America.

`Alabama Shakes` Group was founded in 2009 in Athens, Alabama, Brittany Howard (Brittany Howard) and Zac Cockrell (Zac Cockrell), who studied in East Limestone High School school. At first they just found a similar musical tastes ,but then the passion for music grew more - in the attempt to write their own songs. Experimenting with styles, they soon settled on the blues - rock and classic rock. To create a group, they invited Steve Johnson (Steve Johnson), seller of the local music store ,where Brittany and Zack spent most of their free time. As a trio they started rehearsing their own songs, which are recorded at the studio soon `Clearwave Recording Studio`.

they released their first mini-album `Alabama Shakes`, which has gained popularity and positive feedback from music experts In 2011, the year. So,some of the songs included vrotatsiyu radio stations and musicians have been invited to several music festivals. Next their work - the album `Boys & Girls` - broke the record by taking 3rd place in the UK charts and 6th place in America. Critics also praised the group`s debut album : the publication of `Paste Magazine` put him 8. 6 points out of a possible 10, and `Pitchfork Media` - 7.8 on the same scale. Sales of the album in the United States exceeded 500 thousand copies.

After the success of the album `Alabama Shakes` frequently appeared on television as part of transmission, where live gave mini- concerts. The group is also active gastritis

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