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`Alexander Berardi` - American fashion label, created by the American designer Alexander Berardi (Alexander Berardi).

Berardi was born and raised in Hurley, New York (Hurley, New York). The house where Alexander spent his early years ,It was built in the 18th century - and since then has not changed much. Perhaps it is because of this house Berardi and imbued with a love of classical solutions and techniques ; this love is felt in his work to this day.

For the first time tried his hand in practice Berardi led by Kenneth Cole (Kenneth Cole);while Alexander studied at the school of the legendary Parsons (Parsons The New School for Design). After a while Berardi tired of working for others ; before the end of his studies, he founded his own company. Some time Alexander experimented with a variety of stylistic solutions, until he finally managed to come up with a model of dress ,worthy of implementation.

Arriving at 38th Street (38th Street), in the heart of the fashion district of New York (New York), Alexander began to look modeler - enough skilled to translate his ideas into practice and adequate accommodating to connect with absolutely unknown at the time designer. Ultimately quest to succeed ; that way was born The fashion house `Alexander Berardi`.

Practice Kenneth Cole Berardi gave more than they could give a hundred university courses ; it is not even about a lot of the fashion business secretsbut on a number of very useful methods of organization is really a long-term and successful projects. As practice has shown - and how he warned Kenneth Alexander himself - a truly successful projects most often it becomes difficult fidelity itself. Berardi was able to resist the temptation to go on about the fashion trends and desires of the consumer - and not lost.

The fashion house `Alexander Berardi` pleases fans of new collections with an enviable constancy. Berardi draws inspiration from the most unexpected sources - so, in the spring of 2010, Alexander made his debut on the NewYork Fashion Week (New York Fashion Week) in the collection in the style of Hollywood ` klassika`. According to rumors, increased collection of the phrase ` Marlene Dietrich in a luxurious yahte` ; only five words were able to produce a unique fusion of American openness and English elegance. Debuting at the highest level, Berardi continues to hold the bar to this day.

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