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Year of birth : 1987

Age: 28 years

Place of Birth : Seattle, United States

Citizenship : United States

Biography"Facelift" The first album received good reviews in the press, but the popularity of "Alice in chains" grew slowly.

This team was formed in 1987 in Seattle, USA, Layne Staley (born August 22, 1967, Kirkland, USA. Vocals) and Jerry Cantrell (born March 18, 1966, Tacoma, USA. Vocals, guitar) , with the participation of Mike Starr (bass) and Sina Kinney (b. June 27, 1966 ,Seattle, USA; drums). "Alice In Chains" presented sound, mixed on the riffs in the style of "Black Sabbath", unconventional vocal style Staley and Cantrell and strong composite formulation. Cantrell initially played in his native Tacoma gang called "Music Bank", and then moved to Seattle. He was invited to the rhythm section and Kinnie Starr ,Staley and then recruited from the local funk - metal band. The original idea was to call the band " for Fuck ", but Staley offered another version - "Alice in chains", as if in a parody of the " metalheads " always hung with some chains. Group signed a prestigious contract for the production of discs, though ,that some representatives of recording companies deterred aggressive behavior Staley in the early period.

"Facelift" The first album received good reviews in the press, but the popularity of "Alice in chains" grew slowly. Then the guys made several tours in the USA, speaking at the first " warm-up " in "Van Halen",then participating in the "US Clash Of The Titans tour" together with such monsters as "Slayer", "Anthrax" and "Megadeth", and then went to Europe with the "Megadeth

" And " Almighty`s ". As a result, the composition " Man In The Box " has become a favorite on MTV, and the album has received " gold " in the autumn of 1991.

In 1992, "Alice in chains" released a soft 5 -track EP "Sap",recorded with the participation of guests from the "Heart", "Soundgarden" and "Mudhoney", and then there was also their second album. On "Dirt" was attended by many explicit texts, including the song "Rooster", which described the years of the Vietnam War, spent there his father Cantrell. However, critical attention has focused on a number of songs ,As for past problems Staley heroin : from frankly freaky "Junkhead" (" We - the elite race themselves / " wheelers ", injecting and sniffing ") , to call for an end to drug addiction "Angry Chair" (" The little boy made a mistake / And pink cloud will now become gray ") . Despite his inconsistency ,"Dirt" has been appreciated by the public, appearing most discussed in many metal magazines album of the year. In shtatovskih charts he took the sixth position.

The song "Would?" It became a national hit, the band played her in the movie "Singles". Also, "Alice in chains" played live together with Ozzy Osbourne, though ,Staley broke his leg that appeared on the stage in a wheelchair.

Some time later, Starr left the band, he was replaced by former bassist Michael Inez Osborne (b. May 14, 1966 San Francisco, USA) , and the team went on tour in Europe and the United States. Cancel European performances of "Alice " on the support of " Metallica " in mid-1993 izthe exhaustion of the forces of musicians, led to rumors about the deterioration of health Staley. However, "Alice in chains" have returned to work in fine form, recording the soundtrack for the film "Last action hero" and having played superbly in the third "Lollapalooza tour". In early 1994 EP "Jar Of Flies" was the first record the group who took the 1-th place in the US number immediately after the release. When Staley took part in a parallel project "Mad season" with a musician from the "Pearl jam" Mike McCready and Barrett Martin of "Screaming trees", rumors began to circulate that the "Alice in chains" split.

Those rumors intensified,when the band were canceled at the second Woodstock festival allegedly as a result of further " health problems " in Staley. Against the background of the ongoing rumors about a group of drug abuse once the album was released in 1995, contains some excellent moments. In 1996-m "Alice in chains" gave its first in more than three years concert, recorded on MTV and published as "Unplugged". In the late `90s Cantrell released a solo album, and " Alice in Chains " continued to go out only compilations. April 21, 2002 Layne Staley was found dead with his apartment in Seattle.

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