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`Alicia P` - American fashion label ;It specializes in fine jewelry. Created and managed to this day Alicia Piller (Alicia Piller). Alicia herself - a native of Chicago (Chicago), but currently lives and works in the area of New York (New York City).His unique talent jeweler Goldsmiths Alicia uses to create wonderful beaded jewelry and earrings and necklaces of semiprecious stones. Interestingly, the jewelry business - is not the only branch of the fashion industry, which is associated with the name of Piller ; she is also very active trade hand-painted T-shirts for menand women. Patterns that shows Alicia consist of complex combinations of letters, geometric shapes and lines. As a basis Piller uses a conventional, easily washable cloth. Quite often creates Alisha t-shirts with a pattern based on where specifically named (name, phrase - not the essence) ;Piller almost always manages to skillfully write ` zakazannuyu` phrase once crazy pattern.

Beaded jewelry Alicia on the head superior is usually sold under this name banal ` fenechki` ; Piller each work - a work of art in itself. Masterfully weaving crystals and semi-precious stones ,Alicia creates incredible in its beauty and charm ansambli.di often wonder exactly where Alicia Piller draws inspiration for his works. Well, it has enough sources - Piller traveled a lot and managed to closely get acquainted with the culture of a number of different countries. Track the impact of a particular culture in the creation of it,however, virtually impossible - all seen from Piller compose a unique cross-cultural fusion. Have Alicia and formal education - in the walls of the University of Rutgers (Rutgers University) Piller received diplomas bakalavrapo anthropology and fine arts. Personal experience, obtained at the University of knowledge and koesome family secrets and form the basis of creativity Alicia.

During the creation of the next picture Alicia often takes as its basis made it same picture. Piller is still actively interested in the customs and way of life of different cultures ; a thorough study of the photos helps her to discover new ,have not seen the depth - or just find unusual pieces ` zhizni`, further encouraging it to new and new achievements

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Alicia P photo
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