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Year of birth : 1969

Age: 46 years

Place of birth : Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Citizenship : United States


For their first album team has won millions of fans. However, the most appreciated live performances of the group.

One of the founders of the style "southern rock", a group of "Allman brothers band" was born in the late 60s. We founded it, as is evident from the name, Allman Brothers. His path to glory Gregg (b. December 8, 1947) and Duyen (b. November 20, 1946, at. October 29, 1971) began the daywhen the first of them was a gift from the parents of the guitar, and the second - a motorcycle. While Gregg mastered tool Dwayne drove through the streets, and in the end, crashed his bike. Spare parts he sold, and the proceeds dollars also bought a guitar. From 1963 to 1969, the year the brothers beat a few teams, and finally created their own. Apart from them in the "Allman brothers band" includes guitarist Richard Betts (b. December 12, 1943) , bassist Berry Oakley (b. April 4, 1948) , drummer Butch Trucks and percussionist Jay Johanna Johansen (b. July 8, 1944) .

For their first album team has won millions of fans. However, the most appreciated live performances of the group. In 1970m team with great success at the legendary festival "Isle of Wight", but when playing the opening act for "Canned heat", the headliners did not wait for its release, because the audience would not let Allman - band from the scene.

The peak of popularity "Allman brothers band" came in the live album exit "Live At The Fillmore East". But in October 1971-th tragedy struck - Duyen died in motokatastrofe. Before his death he managed to record guitar parts for the album "Eat a peach", which has become a classic blues-rock. However, over the group looming doom, and soon far from the place where Duyen crashed, I crashed and Berry Oakley. Musicians were in disarray ,but still finished the work on their next album with the help of Lamar Williams (born 15 January 1949 ;. bass), Tommy Taltona (guitar) and Chuck Leavell (keyboards) . "Brothers and sister" took the first place in the charts "Billboard", and the accompanying single, "Rumblin` man", settled in second position.

In 1975, "Allman brothers band" issued another album Solid, "Win, lose or draw", but the following year the group again had problems. Road manager Scooter Herring was arrested for drugs, and the musicians were forced to give evidence against him. The situation escalated in the team, and as a result the team raspalas.regg Allman solo career, but after her divorce from Cher revived "Allman brothers band". Comeback was a success, and the album "Enlightened Rogues" hit right in the top ten. The next two releases were also present in the charts, but were noticeably weaker. In 1982, the team broke the second time, and the following year he died of cancer Lamar Williams. Once again, "Allman brothers band" back from oblivion in 1989-m as part of Gregg Allman (vocals, keyboards) , Richard Betts (guitar, vocals), Butch Trucks (drums) , Allen Woody (bass) , John Neal (keyboards) , Warren Haynes (vocals, guitar) , Mark Kvinons (percussion). Again, the situation repeated itself with albums. "Seven turns" was accepted with delight the audience, and then it went into decline.Only in concert activity "Allman brothers band" were always on top and never disappoint the audience. In recent years, the group has repeatedly been subjected to rearrangements, and from " oldies " there were only Allman and Trucks. A good break for the team took place in 2003, when the disc is "Hittin` the note" took 37-th place in the national US charts.

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