Alpha Band

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Year of birth : 1975

Age: 40 years

Citizenship : United States


Steven Souls - guitar, vocals

David Mansfield - guitar, mandolin, vocals

T-Bone Burnett - guitar

Matt Betton - drums

Alpha Band were highly eccentric and eclectic group who managed to fuse in the crucible of his work almost all areas of popular music, from blues, swing and rockabilly and ending with the hard-rock with fragments of "new wave". Core Alpha Band - Steven Souls, David Mansfield and T-Bone Burnett - formed during the Bob Dylan concert tour as part of his tour group Rolling Thunder Revue, 1975. But before meeting with Dylan Burnette he was well known in musical circles as an experienced producer and guitarist high. For some time he worked with Delaney and Bonnie Bremlett, and then formed a group of B52, which appeared first in New York, and then as part of Rolling Thunder Revue. Souls (who claimed that the age of nine was awarded a kiss Marilyn Monroe) played at Bear groupand for a while served as a staff composer at Jeff Barry. He received a classical musical education Mansfield was a member of the group Quacky Duck And His Banyard Friends, which even managed to record an album on the Warner Bros. company Leaving the Rolling Thunder Revue, the band found a rhythmsection and recorded three quite interesting disc (the second "Spark In The Dark" Ringo Starr played with them) ; In addition, Alpha Band toured a lot and have always been welcome in the acoustic " gatherings ", who loved to arrange DJs American radio stations. Despite the success of the plates ,Group in 1979 suddenly collapsed (some believe that come in the new Alpha Band musician David Miner failed to fit into the team, and this was the reason for the split group) , and most of the musicians started his solo work.

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