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The group "Amen", performing bleeding punk metal, owes its birth of the veteran Californian scene Chaosu Casey (Casey Hmelinsky ; ex- "Christian death", "Disorderly conduct").

The project, founded in 1994, also includes the Gender Figure (guitar) , Shannon Larkin (drums, ex- "Ugly kid Joe","Wrathchild America") and two former party "Snot" - Sonny Mayo (guitar) and John " Tumor " Fanestok (bass) . In 1995, the band released their first album, "Slave", published by a small company "Drag-U-La". However, it was still more than three years before the team managed to make a major breakthrough.

IN 1999-m band signed with freshly baked label "I Am" (unit "Roadrunner records") and went into the studio. Manage sessions took specialist in nu- metal, Ross Robinson. The producer has seen a lot in his career, but even he plunged into shock tricks Chasey. AmenDlya obtain concert vocalist drive could easily arrange a bloodletting in the studio. As a result, on tracks such as the "Coma America" and "Whores of Hollywood" it was possible to hear the real unbearable pain. Followed by a tour in the company of "Slipknot", "Coal chamber" and "Dope" was not without scandal. An example is the case ,Chasey when he was arrested for having smashed equipment "Dope". On the label the band is also constantly occur any incidents, and "Roadrunner", unable to endure such behavior of his players, deprived of their contract.

However, without a roof "Amen" were short-lived, and the team soon made a deal with the "Virgin records".Once again produced by Robinson, the next album had the provocative title "We have come for your parents". On the plate, on the cover adorned with four types with bloody axes, at the top of the song sounded, denouncing consumer society and church leaders.

Disc output AmenPosle in "Amen" again began to label the problemThat had led this time in vnutrikomandnye disassembly. The first could not resist escalate the situation Paul FIG. He slammed the door, and he was soon followed suit and the rest of Chasey partners. Left alone Chaos started looking for a new roof, and with the help of session musicians began to prepare material for the next CD. When the album was almost ready, it agreed to publish Daron Malakian of "System of a Down", which has just formed his record company.

In the year before the release of "Death before musick" Company "Refuse music" released a limited collection of B-sides and rarities. "Join,or die " was printed in an edition of 2,000 copies and distributed only in concert " Amen ". In the same 2003, when the band toured in Britain, her performances were filmed on video. The following year, these materials was made DVD" Caught in the act ", and left the audio equivalent of a name in the 2005 - m " Gun of a preacher man ".

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