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Year of birth : 2006

Age: 9 years

Place of birth : Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Citizenship : United States

Young indie -rock talent

`American Authors` - American indie rock band formed in 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts (Boston, Massachusetts). The group became widely known only in 2012, the year after the release of the single `Believer`,and then secured the glory of one of the most exciting indie -rock group of America (United States) single `Best Day Of My Life`, who took 3rd place in the American charts, as well as a group of glorified far beyond North America.

Despite the popularity enjoyed by musicians today ,the group in the first days after the release of the song `Best Day Of My Life` there were critics who noticed that the style of the group repeats the sound of punk bands in many of the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, as it turned out, the prosecution ended in a voice frontman Zach Barnett, who, as it seemed to many ,much like a singing style of Dexter Holland (Dexter Holland), vocalist and frontman `The Offspring`. As for the musicians `American Authors`, they can hardly believe their career finally came to the point when they can expect an even bigger success. The group is now finishing work on their debut album `Oh, What a Life`,which, according to critics, is how to add a pop group, and completely destroy the unsteady structure, on which the band worked hard almost 7 years. Whatever it was, `American Authors` is one of those groups, backed by monitor.

The group, initially bearing the name `The Blue Pages`, was founded in 2006-year students of the famous Berklee College of Music (Berklee College of Music) in Boston, Massachusetts. It is interesting that during the years of career, the band has not changed, and is still on the scene all the same cheerful boys : Zach Barnett (Zac Barnett), James Adam Shelley (James Adam Shelley),Rublin Dave (Dave Rublin) and Matt Sanchez (Matt Sanchez).

The first work - `Anthropology` and ` Rich With Love` - musicians recorded and published on their own, but over time the group began to pay more attention to live performances. In 2010, the band moved to Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York), confident that ,being at the epicenter of indie culture, they will be able to break into the New York music scene.

In 2012, the group changed its name to `American Authors`, and soon after their single ` Believer` got into the rotation of local radio stations. The second work - single `Best Day of My Life` - enjoyed even greater popularity among indie rock fans. The song was also used as an advertising sauntrek US stores `Lowe`, the British company ` Hyundai` trailer and the trailer of the film ` Father molodets` (Delivery Man). Such popularity has helped the musicians to sign a contract with the label `Mercury Records`.

In August 2013, the band released their first mini - album `American Authors`,which included songs from the soundtrack of several films and football simulator `FIFA 14`. Shortly after the tour in support of the work of the first members of the band have announced record full-length album, which will appear on the shelves of music stores in March 2014 year.

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