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Birthday 01.2003

God Birth : 2003

Age: 12 years

Citizenship : United States


The project `Amrita Singh Jewelry` was established in January of 2003 ; since the creation of the label creator, Amrita Singh (Amrita Singh), have already gained her good reputation in the highest degree.

Amrita recognized as the women customers ,and the most prominent fashion critics ; it turned out that her decorations are perfect for famous actresses and ordinary women. A unique fusion of Old and New World styles, coupled with the incredible artistry helped Amrita create wonderful jewelry and accessories.

Singh works with 22 - carat gold ,carefully cut diamond and skillfully applied enamel. Designer draws inspiration in the history of medieval India - or, to be absolutely precise, in the era of the Mughals. Sell gold jewelry from Amrita exclusively in New York `Bergdorf Goodman`.

Gold and diamonds Singh list of materials is not limited to ;Here you can buy a wonderful ornaments of precious stones and sterling silver. Sold the jewelry on the web and beyond, not only in the `Bergdorf Goodman`. Admirers of Amrita can purchase some of her work in `Neiman Marcus`,` Intermix`, `Takashimaya`,` Nordstrom`, `Macy`s`,` Fred Segal`,`Holt Renfrew` and many other well-known stores.

The most popular jewelry lines are running `Aztec` and ` Hamptons`. He enjoyed considerable success as a collection of `Contemporary` - it includes relatively new to ` Amrita Singh Jewelry` products like bags, sandals and hair ornaments. Accessories from Singh did not differ from her own jewelry quality or the overall stylishness.

Why Amrita chosen as a source of inspiration was the Mughal dynasty ? Well, they had a lot to learn. Imperia them included the territory of India, Pakistan and southern Afghanistan ; their rule lasted more than 3 centuries. During this time the Mughals managed to bring together the art of Persian, Indian natural resources and numerous treasures, received an active trade in order to create the incredible power of his artistic works of art. Jewellery of the Mughals themselves were a sign of nobility, of power and of royal blood. The `Fine Jewelry Collection` Amrita Singh these traditions have found a new incarnation - in no way inferior to the classic. Singh carefully selects the best kinds of precious stones, metals and wood and manually handle every detail of ornaments. Faceted rose diamonds, 22 - carat gold, rubies ,emeralds - all this in the hands of Amrita finds a place in the characteristic of the time jewelry ensembles. Mughals very important role in their creations paid the correct selection of colors ; It does not lag behind them and Amrita - its enamel reminiscent of the culture of Jaipur (Jaipur) and uncut gemstones. Most of the elements `Fine Jewelry Collection` - absolutely unique decorations. In this case, it is not just words - every hand- made decoration best Indian jewelers, and two identical objects in a collection is simply not found. On the creation of this decoration takes from 2 weeks to 2 months; however, anyonewho has seen the decorations from Amrita Singh, confirm that the results are worth the effort. Anne Hathaway (Anne Hathaway) and Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez), Mischa Barton (Mischa Barton) and Tamara Mellon (Tamara Mellon) - these are just a small part of those who have already managed to buy a creation of Indian masters

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