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Citizenship : United States

BiographyThe music scene Illinois never really stood out with their talents. At the time of flowering of the metal in the mid 80s there existed only a few teams that have achieved relative notoriety.

Among them could be called "Trouble", "Wrath", "Zoetrope", "Realm" and "Amulance".The founder of the latter group in the list was the guitarist Bob Luhmann. Other participants in the project are drummer Mike Fron, guitarist Eddie Bronguil, bassist Tom Breddish. The latest in their company appeared vocalist Rick Baez, who was able to entice from "Wrath".

Despite the fact that Rick was living 70 miles from rehearsal "Amulance",He was not too lazy to go to the audition, and after the performance of "Heaven and hell" and "Hallowed be thy name" was adopted unanimously by the team. However, three months later, Baez found that his girlfriend was pregnant and he had to take the trouble of future fatherhood.

AmulanceNe before he could be distracted by personal problems ,other musicians began to scatter. Mike fron left in "Wrath", Eddie Bronguil joined the "Tempter", and the project is actually broken up. When Rick understood their problems and felt relative freedom, he contacted Lyumanom and proposed to revive the "Amulance". Bob returned to business Breddisha and found an ad for a new drummer ,Eric WEDO. In addition, Baez gave the command of his friend, a talented guitarist Vince Varrieyla. In 1987 the band recorded their classic demo, "The rage within".

Guys somehow scraped together four hundred dollars and three days spent in vosmidorozhechnoy local studio. Despite such a limited budget and unattractive conditionsthe result exceeded all expectations. The demo received praise in publications such as the "Metal forces" and "Powerline", and its total circulation was about five thousand.

AmulancePo sounding "The rage within" could be classified as speed metal, but the musicians themselves call their style " bash metal. "After the release of the demo group began to receive offers from various record companies. While Sit applicants were such companies as "Island records" and "Road Racer", the guys chose the "New renaissance records". This label is famous for the ability to kill a good team as completely doing promotions. However, "Amulance" then anything that is not heard, and signed a disadvantageous contract. In 1989, "New renaissance records" released the group `s debut album, "Feel the pain".

As expected, the company did not engage in its promotion, and the musicians themselves nearly got nothing for his pains. Even after the "Feel the pain" has been licensed by the European "SPV", Bob and company Lyumanu nothing perepalo. Moreover, all the concerts "Amulance" took place with the help of self-financing. By the way, Eric abandoned the tour activities, and had to be replaced by Tony Divozzo. the group has existed for a short time after the release of "Feel the pain" and ,eventually broke up.

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Amulance picture
Amulance photo
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