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Year of birth : 1988

Age : 27 years

Place of birth : Boston, United States

Citizenship : United States


Ekstremalschiki American from Boston, "Anal cunt", was founded in 1988 by a former member of the "Executioner" Seth Putnam (vocals, guitar) . This was done for fun, to show people how to use the most disgusting way musical instruments.

Ekstremalschiki American from Boston, "Anal cunt",It was founded in 1988 by a former member of the "Executioner" Seth Putnam (vocals, guitar) . This was done for fun, to show people how to use the most disgusting way musical instruments. However, this joke stretched out for more than ten years. And most interesting is that this group never had a bass player ,It attracted a lot of attention in Japan. In the initial composition of the gang except Seth also included guitarist Mike Mahan (ex- "Bratface") and " snitch " Tim Morse. After the first demo, " 47 Song Demo", dudes took under his wing label "Stridecore Records", who undertook to release the EP " 5643 Song EP". This name implied ,that record was to fit 5643 composition.

In fact, there has been presented only to a continuous noise, in which it was impossible to really tell. Out disc limited edition of only 307 copies, all of which were colored. In this production, oddly enough, found a buyer ,and the group took its niche in the underground environment. There were even some butleggery who released a single on any other than "Anal cunt" were presented "Patareni".

Meanwhile, the band have found the opportunity to participate in other projects. So, Seth was recorded on the single "Shit scum" ("Manson Is Jesus"), and the rest were on the sessions of "Post mortem".By 1990, it was decided to disband the team, but before that the guys went on tour in Europe. Then about a year, they had fun in other projects, and the "Anal cunt" in 1991 revived the signboard. Now with Tim and Seth in the same team he played Fred Ordonez, and the music became a bit more digestible. The updated composition recorded one single,one EP- shku "Master of noise", and then contrived and issued on - mountain of the world`s first release with noisecore anplugged. European tour in 1992 proved to be problematic, since little Tim sachkanul, and the guys had unsuccessfully tried to replace his swotting. Their torment was interrupted when Morse still returned to their communities. At the same time of the added second guitarist, John Kozik. So in the period from 1993 to 1994 - th in the team played the Kozik, then Ordonez, then both together.

After the American tour in 1994, Fred was expelled from the gang, and in its place came Paul Kraynak. Shortly thereafter, one of the concerts of "Anal cunt" was interrupted due to the fact ,that Putnam had to move some dude in the face, for which he was immediately arrested by the police. Shozakonchilos as fast as almost all group composition. In this regard, the record entitled "Breaking the law" was released at the end of the year.

Over time, Seth is increasingly drawn to perform "normal" tracks, and no noise,so the music became more similar to the hardcore. The album " 40 more reasons to hate us" Putnam recorded almost alone. He was only slightly helped Scott Hull, ranked Kozik. Tim something not cope with their responsibilities, and Seth prescribed drum itself. Scott really could not enter into his role and the subsequent tour again called Kozik. With Tim Seth all went wrong, and he wanted to break up the band, but then he turned up sounding like guitarist Josh Martin, and the work continued. After trying a bunch of people on the role of the drummer, "Anal cunt" stopped at Nate Laynhene. But,after a long grueling tour that dumped into the shadows.

For a long time there without a drummer was problematic, and through the little brother Nate was able to persuade him to return to the team. Laynhen lasted until 1999, and again went to make room for John Gillis. Having made a couple of records to roll and plenty of concerts in America,in 2001, "Anal cunt" ceased to exist.

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