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Year of birth : 1996

Age: 19 years

Citizenship : United States

Music with Bangladeshi roots

American musician Bangladeshi origin Shikhee D`iordna working mostly alone, only occasionally resorting to the help of guest musicians. Despite this, her project `Android Lust` enjoyed impressive popularity. As it is for the music played by this musician ?

`Android Lust` - American musical project, which is a complicated mix of rock, electro-pop, electro-industrial and classics. The result of the mixing of these styles is a complex ` ` dark elektronnyy` music splav`.

The founder and the only participant of the project `Android Lust`,Shikhee D`iordna, was born in Bangladesh (Bangladesh); her childhood, however, took place in England and the United States. In New York, Shiki settled in 1999. The project `Android Lust`, created and launched the girl in splendid isolation, grew by a rather complex soil. Initially Shiki fond exclusively electronic music of different styles and sub-genres ;it attracted a lot of gothic, electro-pop and electro-industrial. The first time, Shiki was recorded and produced under the auspices of the independent labels ; After two debut LPs she recorded a new album exclusively on its own. Out disk `The Dividing` in 2002 ; almost immediately he drew the attention of the company `Projekt Records`.Those expressed a desire to sign a contract with Shiki ; Soon the album was recorded and released again. The reception was waiting for him is not entirely unambiguous, but in general is quite warm ; so, `Outburn Magazine`tsenili record 10 points out of 10, calling it a ` non-standard and vyzyvayuschey` ,whereas `Boston Phoenix` have used to address the disk phrase ` never promahivaetsya` ` almost, but not quite, reduced to absolute gladkosti`, ` his clever arrangements, and its theme genialny`. Critics of `Jane Magazine` also appreciated the plate is quite high; According to them, the album consisted of ` intensely passionate poetry ,on- the quiet whisper and sharp, pervasive kriki`. It should be noted that for this album has been recorded many ` zhivoy` instrumental music ; Interestingly, this music oo Shikhee D`iordna performed independently.

On the subsequent tour Shiki went not alone ; with her were keyboardist and drummer. Their live music complements the product itself Shiki posing with nothing comparable in strength and power of feeling. Shiki itself, meanwhile, was on a kind of crossroads ; her new album, despite its darkness, turned markedly more optimistic than earlier works. Shiki felt it and realized ,now came the peculiar split in the ranks of its fans, and that meet nuzhdyzhelaniya immediately all its fans will frankly not easy.

February 21, 2006 saw the first light of the new full-length album, Shiki, `Devour, Rise, and Take Flight`; the first single from it, `Dragonfly`, released on 18 October.On the album came more live instrumental music than `The Dividing`; it is interesting that while the overall style of the album became noticeably more aggressive and ` elektronnoy`. In working on this record Shiki helped several outstanding musicians ; so drummer `Android Lust` Christopher John (Christopher Jon) helped write one of the songs, He spoke at CJSPCC and others involved in the reduction in the finished song.

In 2006 I saw the light of another and clip for the first single of the new album ; `Dragonfly` video was filmed with the help of the New York director Dan Uelleta (Dan Ouellette).

4th album `Android Lust`,` Human Animal`, appeared on the official website of the project July 22, 2010 - th. Officially on sale this album entered August 10, 2010 - th. Currently Shikhee D`iordna actively working on a new project ; the details of his so far not disclosed, but the fans `Android Lust` expect new album impatiently

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