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`Angel Estrada` - American fashion label ,specializing in the production of luxury women`s clothing and fine jewelry.

`Angel Estrada` Products sold in a variety of popular stores like ` Saks Fifth Avenue`, `Bergdorf Goodman`,` Barneys New York` and `Neiman Marcus`.

Created label was in the mid-80s, a student of the New York School of Design (School of Design,New York); that`s where Angel Estrada (Angel Estrada) began making clothes for his sister Virdizhinii (Virginia Estrada). It all started as a simple joke ; two years later projects Estrada got on the podium.

In general, the creation of Angel always been simple contours and careful study of details ;one of the essential elements of his clothes were zippers.

In New York City (New York) evening dress by Angel Estrada sold only in `Bergdorf Goodman`; their prices range from 800 to 2000 dollars. However, the elite list of expensive clothes produced Estrada products are not limited to ;For some time he launched a line of ready-made garments - in order to win less solvent markets.

In 1989, Angel Estrada absolutely died unexpectedly ; his sister Virginia - an outstanding sculptor and jewelry designer, who played a significant role in the creation of a number of the label`s collections - took control of the company in their own hands. Virginia perfectly cope not only with design tasks, but also with the overall business process management. The name of the label, however, Virginia did not change - in order to take advantage of the existing reputation and honor the memory of his brother. However,certain changes in the company`s activities were still PROGRESS - Virginia somewhat moved away from expensive handmade evening dress and turned to the mass buyer. One of its most important projects was the launch sportswear line. I take care of Virginia and the conquest of reputation at the international level - the signing of a license agreement with the Japanese company `Kindwear` allowed her to enter the Japanese market. Much has been done for the development of the jewelry line - under the leadership of the new designer jewelers have started to produce fundamentally new decorations. Virginia absolutely sure that in the future will be able to further strengthen the company`s position in the global fashion market and to achieve results that her brother did not dare to dream.

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