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Angels and Airwaves - a project created by the ex - vocalist of the group Blink 182, Tom DeLong. Angels and Airwaves - a project created by the ex - vocalist of the group Blink 182, Tom DeLong. His friend and former Box Car Racer guitarist David Kennedy, drummer Atom Willard, formerly of Offspring and former Distillers bassist Ryan Sinn - other members of Angels and Airwaves.Officially the group was registered as a trademark "Angels and Airwaves" June 24, 2005. Tom says that his new project best music made in recent decades, much more powerful, emotional and melodic than Box Car Racer and Blink 182 together.

According to the group `s debut single was supposed to be Valkirye Missile,which it was decided to extend through Itunes December 13, 2005, exactly on the 30th day of Tom `s birthday. However, the label guide was against, and December 13, the song did not work, but the world was presented to the trailer Angels and Airwaves,except where the music cuts out Valkirye Missile was a beautiful video with elements of CGI graphics and of course the highlight of the album recording. Later came a video entitled "First Contact" in which, as you might guess from the name, it was possible to get acquainted with the participants and the ideas of the group ,as well as on the background of this sounded excerpts from that same Valkirye Missile and also It Hurts. Release the Valkirye Missile was postponed until March / April 2006. .. but the fate of all different has placed (or maybe it was a treacherous course of a PR firm ?) : Some advanced users beloved PC (by the people " hackers ") hacked server,where a miracle was The Adventure and as a result - all Blink182- community evening February 4th gone mad from the stunning epic music that Thomas offered his devotees and not so fans. Further more. February 17 came another song : Good Day, but it seems like Tom himself commanded to "merge " it to the Internet. A month later,Tom gave an interview to an American radio station, which also sounded excerpts Valkirye Missile, It Hurts, A Little`s Enough and a brand new, previously unreleased song is not even mentioned, The Gift. A 12 April 2006, the world became available to the entire debut album Angels and Airwaves We Don`t Need To Whisper.The official release took place on May 23, 2006.

In parallel, work is underway on the film Angels and Airwaves, previously named "AVA". Perhaps a film about the life of Tom, but rather on the period beginning with the hiatus Blink 182 22 February 2005 and, inter alia, should lead the audience to understand the experiences of Tom that time.Release date of the film is still unknown. The only actor who has been mentioned in the media - Michael currently serves.

In an interview with Kerrang Tom he said : " Just before the split Blink 182 when we were in Europe, with me something happened to my heart tossing in three weeks, and nothing like this has happened to me before I really felt.. I intended to do something more. "

In the same interview, he said : " Music Angels and Airwaves, has the conceptual depth of Pink Floyd, U2 architecture and youthful energy Blink 182. All the songs are very cinematic, melodic and epic Each song gives you the energy flow, and you want to scream. as if the whole world in front of your feet. Have you ever flown on a jet plane ? This music evokes similar feelings. "

Many fans are wondering what happened to the friendship between the members of Blink 182. Tom said: " I love Mark and Travis to death They were my best friends in the world, and I miss him.. Unfortunately our interests became too different, and I have not talked to them since " pause " Blink 182 ".

Despite the fact that the album is really strong, significant progress the group has not yet made, but by the standards of the novice team, they have a good result. In the US, the album was certified gold, its sales exceeded the barrier of 500 thousand copies. The general album fees amounted to about 1 million 400 thousand copies.

November 21, 2006 came Star Of Bethelem song, which hit an annual collection of KROQ Kevin and Bean`s 2006 Super Xmas CD.

Until now, for unclear reasons, 23 April 2007, the band left the Ryan Sinn (Ryan Sinn), who was replaced by Matt Vokter (Matt Wachter),formerly of 30 Seconds To Mars.

At the moment the band is busy writing the second album. The album will be released such as already in the autumn of 2007, and, following the unofficial sources, as early as September. At present (12 May 2007), according to Chris Georgina (Chris Georgegin), manager of the group already have the demo at least 6 songs.

Participants :Tom Delong (Tom DeLonge) : vocals / guitar

Kennodi David (David Kennedy) : Guitar

Ryan Sinn (Ryan Sinn) : bass, escaped from the group April 23, 2007 year, ego Votker replaced Matt (Matt Wachter)

Atom Willard (Atom Willard) : Drums

Vokter Matt (Matt Wachter) : bas

Tom Delong :Tom DeLonge (Thomas Matthew DeLonge) was born December 13, 1975 in a small California town Powey. Tom other than those of the father and mother have an older brother Sean (Shon) and younger sister Carey (Kary). At school, Tom was one of the top comedians. Tom was expelled from high school, when he was caught drunk at a basketball game. He moved to Rancho Bernardo school. There he met Anne Hoppus (Anne Hoppus), who learned that Tom wants to collect musical punk -rok group and decided to introduce him to her brother Mark Hoppus (Mark Hoppus). Tom was happy to have found someone with similar musical tastes. Then he began to study music theory. A little bit laterTom and Mark have created a Blink 182, which became megopopulyarnoy not only in America but also in the rest of the world. It speaks for itself at least the fact that the password "Blink182" is one of the 20 most used in the world when users log in. May 26, 2001 he married his longtime girlfriend Jennifer Jenkins. In 2002, Tom during breaks between concert tours Blink 182 started recording songs in his opinion did not fit the definition of " Blink 182 " and he decided to sozdatt new group : Box Car Racer. It was darker music, combining both heavy riffs and beautiful lyrical melody. In this same year, the album release. The only tour with Box Car Racer lasted about a month and then went back to Tom Blink 182, to begin work on the as will be later, the last album of Blink 182, which according to Mark and Tom will be different from previous ones, and raise them to unprecedented heights. As I said, and so it turned out. The album not only radically different from previous works Blink 182, but in the modern punk rock is unique. On the album sales are still inferior to the previous two, but in fan circles, he is recognized as the best. Since February 2005, when Blink 182 took pause indefinitely, Tom began working on his new band Angels and Airwaves,with which he at the moment.

Tom lives with his wife Jennifer, daughter Ava (AVA, precisely because one of the names there are Angels and Airwaves AVA) and the son of Jones at Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Ryan Sinn (replaced by Matt Voktera) :

Ryan Sinn born on 23 April 1979 in Fremont (Fremont), California. Previously, he played in a punk band The Distillers.By The Distillers Ryan joined after their first album. Group looking for a bass player, and Ryan played only on a conventional guitar, but this problem was quickly resolved, as Ryan learned to play the bass guitar for four days. He recorded with the group on the second and third albums.In 2005, the group began their differences and eventually Ryan in August on its MySpace announced that he retires from The Distillers. Ryan was also part of the group Shithouse Rats and The Dead Life.

23 April unclear circumstances Ryan resigned from the AVA, it replaced the former bassist of 30 Seconds To Mars Voktera Matt (Matt Watcher).

David Kennedy :David James Kennodi (David James Kennedy) was born July 8, 1976 in the United States. He plays the guitar, writes songs and performs. David also played in the Box Car Racer, a group formed by Tom DeLong and together they traveled around the country in a single month of their tour. David participated in a hardcore band Hazen Street, which became popular after the tour with P.O.D summer of 2004, playing in Over My Dead Body Group of San-Diego, and also worked with rock band Built to Last. David - a close friend of Tom`s, they grew up together in Poway, California.

Atom Willard :

Adam Willard (Atom - a nickname, and it was called "Drum God") was born August 15, 1973. The first group in which the atom was played Crankshaft with Davin Newbacher and Tod Swank and skate band Custom Floor with professional skater Garry Davis on guitar and Phil Esbenshade bass. It was in the early `90s. Later Atom plays in bands like Offspring, The Special Goodness. Though rumored Atom left the Offspring,on the band`s official website says that it is still part of the group. The band is currently completing them is not called eighth album, due out in 2007. This will be the first release of the group with atoms.

Matt Vokter (replaced Ryan Sinn) :

Matthew (Matt) Walter Vokter born January 5, 1976 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. He grew up in New Jersey and Boston in a musical family and received a classical musical education (playing bass, guitar, keyboards and drums) . Since childhood, listening to The Clash, Sex Pistols, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Kiss. Played neskolno groups, including SaberTooth. Tiger drums. In 2001, he joined the 30 Seconds To Mars, when they finished work on their debut album. He participated in the recording of the album A Beautiful Lie and 5 years went to 30STM composition with concerts across the United States and Europe. March 2, 2007 left the group, having played the last concert in El Paso, Texas. Soon joined Angels & Airwaves.

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