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Animal Collective - one of the most important -sounding group in 2006. It is fresh and interesting - a revived neo-folk with all the necessary elements : strange "floating" guitar, there was nowhere vocals and lots of sound effects, in spite of that, the music is very melodic.

In Tallinn concert comes one of the hottest American indie folk bands Animal Collective.Presentation will be held in Flower Pavilion as part of a large European tour team, which opens tonight in Malta. In Tallinn musicians will arrive on Tuesday, will be held before their concert at the famous Danish Roskilde festival. And from Estonia Animal Collective will go to conquer Moscow. Opinions music critics around the world agree : the quartet Animal Collective - one of the most important -sounding group in 2006. It is fresh and interesting - a revived neo-folk with all the necessary elements : strange "floating" guitar, there was nowhere vocals and lots of sound effects, in spite of that ,music is very melodic. Just to see Animal Collective, it is necessary to spend a little more time listening to unusual compositions. "Animal Collective - is four friends who like to get together, play music, watch movies and play football " -these lines is limited at simple biography of the artists on the site of their record label. According to the group, this information is sufficient for the first acquaintance, but anything deeper - look in their music. Indeed, the history of "collectivization" is very simple. Four future musicians grew up and studied in pairs, first met Josh and Noah (aka Deakin and Panda Bear), later they were joined by a second pair - Dave and Brian (in the world " animals " Avey Tare and Geologist). The guys met and began to communicate on the basis of favorite bands, one of which was The Grateful Dead.They then tried to compose and make home recordings - Josh and Noah called themselves The Cartels, Dave and Brian were called Auto Mine. Well, then, it is easy to predict adolescent finally swallowed up work on a new joint project. Or rather - they carried away " animal collectivization. " Give the guys would then instead of guitars in hand and paint brush -they would have painted the poster but would attribute the bottom "All this kindergarten ! ". They are absolutely not interested in the fuss about unusual creativity, they just played - played and recorded songs played backyard football, playing the word. From there, by the way, and "animal" names : Dave tore off a piece of his own name and pasted it from the end of the names ,Noah saw among his first drawings something remotely resembling a panda, and began from that moment to be called " panda ", Brian somehow mistakenly suddenly called a " geologist ", although the guy honestly preparing to become a biologist, and Josh once finished badly - signed " deacon Kondrat " yes and it still is. The first experience of joint work for the group was more than successful - they sang with the Vashti Bunyan - legendary British singer. Over the past couple of years, Animal Collective reissued something of an "early unpublished " traveled with concerts half of the globe and have become the most popular artists in Europe.Mods buy rubber masks of animals for going to their concert. " Haypovaya group" - so say about them distrustful music lovers, the "best live band " - so recommend their colleagues in the music shop without a trace of envy. This has happened so far only to last year`s stars - the Scots Franz Ferdinand, but ,as practice shows, world music magazines The New York Times, Mojo, The Wire and Pitchfork, Animal Collective - is a story with a sequel. Children accidentally revived neo-folk, mix it with rock, we added to the brightest and most politically correct image - " Group of animals " - and carry the banner of universal joy and cheerfulness ,tochput on the road with their " paws " utter anguish once fashionable post-rock. Animal Collective - " most-most " on either side of the Atlantic, and, against all the rules, megauspeshny at home in America. Headliners most festivals in 2005, the most beloved group of critics from New York to Moscow. .. "In the warm-up " in veselchakov-Americans in Tallinn deliver local pride indie rock - a group Pia Fraus. Flower Pavilion doors will open on July 4 at 20.00. The concert will be held with the support of festival Hea Uus Heli and Jazz `n Motion.

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