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Year of birth : 1954

Age: 61 year

Citizenship : United States


`Ann Taylor` history began in 1954 - it was then that Robert Liebeskind (Robert Liebeskind) opened its first store. The unique style, which was already famous for the company, Robert had inherited from his father, is also quite well-known tailor. To this day, `Ann Taylor` considered brand ,ideal for the gourmet who can dress well women.

Until 1983, the company was known primarily in the eastern coast of the country ; the company`s management, however, did not stop there. In the middle of 80-x `Ann Taylor` has worked at the national level - across the country operated 47 stores. Now the products of the brand is distributed through two main branches and four main channels - `Ann Taylor Stores`,` LOFT`, `Ann Taylor Factory` and ` LOFT Outlet`.

At the end of 2008-first under the logo `Ann Taylor` operated 935 stores across the US, Colombia and Puerto Rico ; total sales amounted to about 2.2 billion US dollars.

Now the label `Ann Taylor` produces wonderful, luxurious, refined clothes, combining the best recipes of classic tailor schools and the latest trends of modern fashion. Americans can buy label products in one of the 320 US stores or over the Internet, on the website anntaylor.com

In August 2005, the collection `Ann Taylor Celebrations` was launched ; both clearly evident from the names included in this collection of dresses, shoes, bags and wraps are designed for special, exceptional cases. Each element of the collection is made with incredible attention to detail and carefully painted. To appear in one of these dresses can be at the wedding, lush cocktail party, a scientific symposium and award ceremony of the Nobel Prize. Develop a fashion line continues to this day ; however with the 2009 purchase somethingsomething from this collection can only store network company.

The project `Ann Taylor Collections` was launched in 2007 ; it includes a luxury clothing, accessories and footwear, made from the finest Italian materials. High quality products, of course, had an impact on the price of clothes ; however,called absolutely inaccessible this price is impossible.

Not only one clothes is engaged in `Ann Taylor`; `Ann Taylor Beauty` specializes in the manufacture of perfumery, products for body care and bath products. Label sold in the shops that line the beginning of the end of 2007 ; The first perfume line - `Possibilities` - released in November of 2007. The line of body care consists of lotions, bath gel and comes in six variations aromatic.

In the summer of 2007, the line `LOFT Maternity` was launched - a series of products for pregnant women and young mothers. To distribute a part of the line products under the motto `Because you have a lot to expect` -` Because you have what zhdat`. Initially the collection included only the average size ; later, however, the size range significantly expanded. At the moment, the line `LOFT Maternity` products are available exclusively through the network ; new slogan line was the phrase ` Clothes are so stylish and comfortable that she wants to wear for more than 9 mesyatsev`. Among these more than 3 hundred label `Ann Taylor` stores most are two - store on Madison Avenue (Madison Avenue) in New York (New York City) and on North Michigan Avenue (North Michigan Avenue) in Chicago, Illinois (Chicago, Illinois). Enough is known, and the flagship store of the project `LOFT` - Times Square (Times Square) in New York City.

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