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Year of birth : 1954

Age: 61 year

Citizenship : United States

Biography`Ann Taylor LOFT` or simply ` LOFT` - child project brand `Ann Taylor`.

The project `Ann Taylor` was established in 1954, Libeskind tailor Robert (Robert Liebeskind). Success Libeskind has managed to achieve quite quickly ; tailor the gift he received in the truest sense of the word inherited from his father - also quite well-known at the time the tailor. Exit at the national level `Ann Taylor` could only in 1983 ; however, since the company`s position is only strengthened. Name `Ann Taylor` is now synonymous with high quality - although not cheap - clothing for those who like to dress stylishly and beautifully.

The main problem of `Ann Taylor` was the price of their products - not that quite inaccessible ,but relatively high. The company`s management was aware of this problem ; in fact, `LOFT` just been recognized that to solve the problem by giving potential buyers the opportunity to buy goods from ` Ann Taylor` at an affordable price.

The project `Ann Taylor LOFT` was established in 1996 ; It specializes in working in the project wizard on the lighter ,` Nenapryagayuschey` clothes for work and home. The price of this clothing company managers assessed as ` slightly above srednego`. In general, despite the fact that the selection in stores and `LOFT` ` Ann Taylor` yet slightly different, the general approach to the design is the same in both companies ; `LOFT` differs only slightly lower prices.Distributed products are `LOFT` in 510 US stores and the world. The main project is located store in Times Square (Times Square) in New York (New York City).

In the summer of 2007 at the `LOFT` own branch appeared -` LOFT Maternity`. In this project we offer products for young mothers and pregnant women. Under the logo `Because you have a lot to expect` -` Because you have what zhdat` - first extended wear only a medium-sized ; later, however, marketers and designers of the company realized that expectant mothers often need apparel slightly larger than usual. Focus on a large scale, however ,line management is not going to - in the production of advertising `LOFT Maternity` claimed that they produced clothes are so comfortable and stylish that it can be worn longer than usual to let go of pregnancy 9 months.

The project `Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet` resembles another offshoot of ` Ann Taylor` - `Ann Taylor Factory`;Products of this line are sold in 36 specific US stores.

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