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`Anthropologie` - US trade brand, the brainchild of the corporation ` Urban Outfitters`.It offers a wide range of goods - from comfortable and practical clothing in the style of `casual` and accessories to the ornate line for home and gifts; however, it focuses mainly on brand jewelry, accessories, shoes and handbags. In general, it focuses on the rich, on middle-aged people ,can afford not cheap products `Anthropologie`.

Products are distributed through conventional stores, both its own brand and large retail chains, as well as through Internet sites.

The company`s headquarters is located in Philadelphia (Philadelphia).

Established brand `Anthropologie` was Richard Hein (Richard Hayne);the first store opened in 1992 in Wayne, Pennsylvania (Wayne, PA). In 1998, the brand started selling by mail - and even released his own mail directory and run a website.

In April 2009, opened its first overseas branch of the brand ; He was located in Toronto (Toronto).Very soon, the brand continued to expand its influence in Canada - for the first store followed by new in Yorkville (Yorkville, Toronto) and Edmonton (Edmonton, Alberta).

One only Canada plans to expand, however, is by no means limited to - in October 2009 at the London Regent Street (Regent Street, London,UK) opened its first European store `Anthropologie`.

At the moment, the brand `Anthropologie` working with 135 US stores ; orders placed on the Web site are delivered to more than 30 countries around the world. Executive designer of all brand and design director of one of its divisions - Wholesale apparel line `Leifsdottir` - is Johann Uurasyarvi (Johanna Uurasjarvi). I came in `Anthropologie` Johann in 2000 ;originally it was a design director of one of the clothing lines - but by now the list of her duties increased significantly. Currently Johann developing design strategies and to some extent controls the process of the development of all its subsidiaries `Anthropologie` - from clothing and accessories to jewelery house. Johann itself - Finn by birth ; before joining the `Anthropologie` she has worked in Hong Kong (Hong Kong) and New York (New York).Secrets of fashion design Uurasyarvi once studied at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (University of Art & Design, Helsinki).

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