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Year of birth : 1988

Age : 27 years

Place of birth : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Citizenship : United States


This punk band from Pennsylvania has always been famous for its socio-politicized lyrics and corresponding views.

Even the name "Anti-Flag" came from "political" reasons (the fact that the team did not like the creators of thugs with an American flag, are being introduced to the masses the slogan "freedom not fascism" with fists) . It all began in 1988 ,when Justin Sane (Justin jivera) and Tetik Pat (Pat Robinson) conceived to stir up a joint project. They are as real punks did not care that Pat had just started to learn drums and Justin just barely coped with the guitar. As a vocalist appointed Sane sister, Lucy Fester, and bassguitarists appeared in the group on occasion.

However, all this did not matter, since the first version of the "Anti-Flag" was short-lived and managed to play only one concert. The second phase began in 1993, when Justin and Pat talked about the creation of their own group more seriously. Just at this time on the horizon drew bassguitarist Andy Flag, and thus staffing problem was solved.

Anti- FlagPervye three years the team was satisfied with local concerts as get outside of his native Pittsburgh guys could not afford. The case was presented to spend a tour only in the summer of 1995, when the grandfather of Andy at the disposal of the group a brand new minivan. However, the touring life has made the collective strength as Flag and Sane quarreled all the way for all sorts of occasions. As a result, Andy left the band, and at the end of 1996, vacancy bassist took Chris Head. Chris was a great guy and easy to fit into the team ,but still a "lack " He had - Head preferred to play on six strings, rather than four. In the end, he gave the second guitar, and former functions Kheda took over Canadian Jamie Kok. This person has not been able to become a permanent member of the "Anti-Flag", and the job has been reopened.

The problem was solved in unexpected ways : in summer 1999-Only the first group began to play a concert, when suddenly jumped on stage one of the fans and offered his services. much had no choice, so Chris Barker (the name of the guy) took the tool, but has since remained in the team, where " Chris Number Two " nickname stuck behind him.

Anti- FlagS using Barker was recorded the second LP ,"A New Kind of Army". album Themes relating to racism, fascism, police brutality, etc. This " political education " and carried " the Rage

Against The Machine ", it is not surprising that Tom Morello and the company offered " antiflag " to play a series of joint concerts.Another important group acquaintance took place in 2000 during the "Vans Warped Tour". They made friends with the guys from Mike Tolstoy "NoFX", and he helped to release the next CD "Anti-Flag" on his label "Fat Wreck Chords". Was born in 2001. "Underground Network" gave the team the opportunity to get out of the total underground. In 2002-m boys released on their own polukontsertnik - polustudiynik "Mobilize". On this album the musicians criticized US foreign policy, in light of the September 11 events enabled many to hang on them " anti-American " label.

But Pennsylvania punks that did not bother ,and they have issued a new batch of critics (called "The Terror State") in 2003 on how to combat terrorism of the Bush administration. Oddly enough, but the musicians actions were supported by the major label "RCA", who offered them a contract and complete creative freedom. An unusual alliance took place, and in the spring of 2006-of the new place came the album "For Blood And Empire", which continued anti-Bush theme.

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