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Place of birth : San Francisco, USA

Citizenship : United States


Aqua Velvets hails from San Francisco. His own vision of surf rock are the masses since the late 80 `s.

The group was born in the midst of the revival of surf music in the late vosmidesyatyh-the early nineties, influenced by artists such as Dick Dale, Shadows, Ventures, Link Wray, Arthur Lyman and Ennio Morricone. Group `s Style distinguish elements of Latin music and the strong influence of the Mediterranean music, a little psychedelic, rockabilly and even neo "lounge" music, which is so popular in night clubs of the North Coast. His self-titled debut album, produced by the band and was released in 1992 on the label Riptide / Heyday Records guys prepared for four years, recording tracks in the garage of the Porsche brand repair shop, where Linder worked as a mechanic. Three years later came Surfmania album on the label WEA / Atlantic,it was followed by drive 1996 Nomad on Milan Records for Entertainment / BMG and Guitar Noir, was released in 1997. Recording Guitar Noir album, Aqua Velvets tried to combine his signature sound with various musical nuances of the works of favorite composers, who wrote music for films 50s and 60s. Perhaps,this album they can be compared with the last disc to date Blue Hawaiians `Savage Night`. Something is very reminiscent of the music of Angelo Badalamenti, which he wrote for the series Twin Peaks. Both records fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the film on the mood, bringing the listener into a romantic, exotic " nowhere "full of the most diverse and bizarre fantasies.

In between recording albums and touring artist rears its writing music for various films and television shows (for example, the show MTV "House Of Style" and "Singled Out", the channel ESPN "Maxout",pokazannyvy in our TV series CBS "Nash Bridges" and a variety of special channels for Discovery Channel, TBS, ABC and Fox).


The Aqua Velvets (Heyday Records, 1992)

Surfmania (Mesa Records, 1995)

Nomad (Milan Records, 1996)

Guitar Noir (Milan Records, 1997)

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