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Armik was born in Iran in a family of immigrants from Armenia, but it is considered a true citizen of the world. In 1980 Armik was forced to leave his country because " music after the revolution in Iran was banned. " "This was the main reason, he says, - that I decided to leave Because I am Armenian and a Christian, I found it very difficult to stay there. ".

The attraction for music and interest in the guitar appeared in Armik at an early age ,and to the 12 years he has emerged as quite a professional guitarist. The original musical career Armik was associated mainly with jazz. In the 70s he often traveled to Spain, where he performed together with different guitarists, and mastered their experience and style of play. There Armik opened the beauty of flamenco and it became one of the most passionate fans and promoters of this trend. In one of his recent speeches musician he admitted that he belonged almost entirely to jazz until I heard the game in Madrid flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia.

Since 1981 Armik lives in Los Angeles.With the popularity of it more and more often asked about when the last will of his own album. The answer came in 1994, when Armik recorded his debut solo album "Rain Dancer". This and the subsequent 1995 second album "Gypsy Flame",immediately received rave reviews from music critics and brought the guitarist first major commercial success.

Soon Armik `s reputation as a great performer of flamenco music is so firmly established that the famous Spanish master Pedro Maldonado stringed instruments took a guitar specially manufactured for it, called "Rubia".It is on this guitar Armik recorded his next album, named in her honor, "Rubia" (1996). Admiration from the guitar and art created her master were so great, that not only the album, but it included two compositions have received their names, "Rubia" and "Maldonado". Now Armik collection of several guitars of this master ,as well as other well-known guitar Spanish masters such as Hermanos Conde, but he gives preference to all the guitars Maldonado. However, he Armik believes that " the possession of the best guitar in the world does not mean that you will become a great performer, or that your music is certainly beautiful, and the sound is clear. Of course,have a good guitar is very important.

But naiperveyshee condition - the presence of talent ; second, without which it can not do, it is the knowledge and development of skills. Third, you need to play with the heart, and last but not the least in importance, you should have a good composer. If it is, then, and a good guitar sounds and show itself Thereforereally good, with the power that it actually deserves. "

The following year, Armik fans presented their fourth album "Malaga", and in May 1999 recorded the fifth - "Isla Del Sol" (" Island of the sun ") with delightful melodies of flamenco and tropical Caribbean rhythms. While writing songs and preparing to "Isla Del Sol" It took several months of hard work, the final record of each composition Armik carried out " in one go ". Each entry is preceded by many hours selecting the best audio format, resulting in steel and clarity, purity and splendor of sound ,amazing listening to his album. Guitarist is rightly proud of his creation. According Armik, this album embodies the best of knowledge and experience in the writing and recording music, they accumulated during their lifetime.

Assessing their style of play on the guitar Armik says that this compound flamenco and jazz with Latin American rhythms. " Before I started to play in the style of flamenco, I played jazz for many years, - says Armik -. That`s why you can hear in my songs distinct jazz tone. "

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