Picture of Arsonists

Year of birth : 1993

Age: 22 year

Citizenship : United States


Start livelihood group was laid in 1993, when it was founded Brooklyn " hip- hop squad " Bushwick Bomb Squad (Bushwick - Brooklyn Area) . It was truly " explosive mix " from several talented MCs (the number of them at one time reached 13) , which eventually evolved into The Arsonists (" Arsonists ") . Many teams have a clear leader, starring ; others simply help participants soloist, providing a greater effect of his speech. The Arsonists are markedly different from this type of commands that you can not distinguish among them a man. It makes no sense to compare and find the most talented of them : each participant - is a unique flame, which helps burn more brightly the flame of the whole group. This feature is enabled and The Arsonists go beyond the local group and become famous all over the world. But first things first. Q-Unique for more than ten years is officially part of The Rock Steady Crew - Team, to some extent, a synonym for the word " hip- hop ". Prior to joining The Arsonists Q-Unique released solo stuff on labels Columbia and V.I.P., and was honored with several awards for victories at various hip- hop competitions and seyshn. D-Stroy began his career on several mixtapes, as well as collaborations with other rappers. In addition, he took part in one of the MC - Battle ,organized by the Zulu Nation (legendary form, along with the aforementioned Rock Steady Crew). In addition to D-Stroy won the Battle, there was another key event in his life : an acquaintance with the Freestyle, thanks to which the idea of the creation of The Arsonists born. Swel (or Swel Boogie) - a longtime friend of D-Stroy- Different witty texts and indescribable flavor. Jise (or Jise One) met Swel`om local freestyle -session, where they both attended. Getting turned in joint work and friendship. Both of them, as well as all members of the group have rewards for winning at various rap -session and Battle. Later Swel joined the group Brooklyn Bushwick Bomb Squad mentioned above. Then they were joined by Jise. A year later they met Q-Unique, which has already managed to make a name for himself with his solo records and victories in Freestyle Battle. It was decided to take the next step towards perfection, founded the group. Since " all of which were taken guys ,burned in their hands, " the group, it was decided to call The Arsonists First, as usual, had no aspirations to conquer the big stage, -. all the songs recorded for themselves, for their friends and associates, simply because it is loved, and in another life just can not imagine. It was not until as long as their demorecord did not get into the hands of the well-known New York personality, DJ and leading hip- hop radio transmission WKCR, - Bobbito. This track was recorded "The Session", which later became a debut album. Its appearance on the radio led to a huge number of responses, and Rap Pages magazine honored "The Session" status "Demo Of The Year" (" DemoSong of the Year ") . Further singles was a long road, slowly but surely leading to the long-awaited album. The first single was actually " The Session / Geembo`s Theme ". Logged single was supported by all of the same Bobbito on his label Fondle Em, on it also released the next single "Blaze / Gembo`s Theme",and on the label Serchlite was released single "Seed / Venom" (all of these songs also hit debut album) . singles success allowed the band to pursue his solo concerts, where they just blew the audience leaving them no chance roofs. Moreover, the success was so obvious that the news about the new unique phenomenon in the hiphop world has crossed the ocean and the band embarked on a tour of Mother Europe. The excitement produced by each new concert attracted the attention of record label Matador Records, known for its focus on the talented creative alternative commands. The Arsonists became the first hip- hop collective,recorded on Matador and got the opportunity to record and release a full length album. "As The World Burns" (" When the world is burning ") included tracks recorded earlier (in the mid-nineties, when the band began its existence) . Naturally, it was not without new things. The album was releasedAugust 24, 1999 and contains 21 tracks : 19 full songs and one skit intro. The album caused a lot of positive feedback from a variety of music publications, both specializing in hip-hop, and oriented to all of the music in general. Over the next year the band toured across America and gave concerts in several other countries. The Arsonists were on the same stage with such masters like Public Enemy, The ROOTS, Gang Starr, Pharoahe Monch. Unfortunately, not everything in the history of " arsonists " took place as smoothly and successfully as described above. In early 2001, it was announced that the group leave D-Stroy and Freestyle.This news literally shocked the underground circles of fans of hip-hop. As mentioned, each MC group to make its own irreplaceable contribution, and one simply could not imagine a flame The Arsonists without D-Stroy and Freestyle. It would seem, for such loss followed the collapse of the group and, consequently, the disappearance of the brightest events of the hiphop culture in the late nineties. But the group has continued to exist and, moreover, recorded a new album. It was called "Date Of Birth" ("

Birthday ") and contains 16 new tracks, one of which ("Space Junk") is recorded together with the Kinetic Energy, have already participated in the recording of the first album, and one - with Psycho Les of The Beatnuts,uchastvovashego in Producing for one of the tracks ("Self-Righteous Spics (Anthem)"). Judging by the promo mixes, the album promises to be no less explosive than its predecessor debut. Freestyle and D-Stroy, in turn, also did not sink into oblivion, and the people who love them the manner, style and skill, will be able soon to assess their solo projects : D-Stroy solo album, promo tracks which are already available for listening. Freestyle, known for his friendship with Shabazz The Disciple of the Wu-Fam, probably will please us with their works of this legendary team. A preserved part of The Arsonists is actively pursuing a promotional campaign for their new album ,which includes concert tours both in America, Western Europe, Australia, Japan, and the countries where they had never been. At the end of this year, probably will visit the group in Russia, as well as in other countries of the former Soviet Union.

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