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Year of birth : 2001

Age: 14

Place of birth : San Diego, USA

Citizenship : United States


As when-That one group noticed what is happening on the road, when something still goes home, and for some, the road becomes a second home.

In San Diego quintet As I Lay Dying is exactly what this phrase for their road and become their home literally from the first day of their existence - the endless chain of unknown cities,scenes and people paved the way for the group to a brighter future.

Formed at the beginning of 2001 at the beginning of a new creative vision of the former guitarist Society`s Finest, Tim Lambesis, As I Lay Dying originally adopted outlines a trio. At that time, the team has been in addition to Tim Evan White (now no longer in the band) and drummer Jordan Mancino. A month later, the beginning of its existence AILD lay down in the studio to record their first album, Beneath the Encasing of Ashes (Ashes By framing) , which was released in June of that year on Pluto Records.After a short period of time, As I Lay Dying went on tour than they started a new "movement" : at each stop on the tour, I mean on every play a concert, the guys have gained new fans, and Pluto, respectively, found in Beneath the Encasing of Ashes best bestseller label. Despite the fact that the material was a powerful and interesting,this album only took off the top layer with everything that was boiling inside Young As I Lay Dying.

In August 2002, at the same Pluto Records AILD released a split with another in San Diego American Tragedy team. This split has become an indicator of which way the guys decided to go. And in spite of the abundant presence of dissonant riffs ,growling and hard sbivok their debut the Ashes, five new tracks As I Lay Dying had more melodic overtones, which is interesting poured into the overall dark tone of their music, the result of which became songs that are not only stuck in my head for a long time [ and therefore it tore ]but also attracted a very serious critical attention to this young group. Tour, touring and again tour in support of their new child. .. It is not surprising that they will soon become interested in larger fish metal show business : in March 2003, As I Lay Dying signed a contract with Metal Blade. And after a couple of month, in July of the same year ,group issued a new surprise the audience - the album Frail Words Collapse (Brittle crumble Word) .

Produced by Tim [ Lambesis ], Frail Words Collapse crystallized everything what so fast paced As I Lay Dying. Although mainstream still avoided them, it seems that this is their off course not break. The sound of the group to unite a classic Swedish influence - a clear rhythm, snarling vocals and melancholy riffs a la At The Gates - a meaty heartbeat of modern hardcore. This confusion led them to the most advanced line of the new American metal scene. Ruthless tours, some changes in the composition (Evan left ,and was replaced by Phil Sgrosso, as well as the team started up a permanent bass - Clint Norris) and a growing fanbase. .. All this gave AILD opportunity to rise to such heights of which they never dreamed of : the constant rotation of their videos for the songs " 94 Hours" (94 hours) and the "Forever" (Forever) on channels FUSE and MTV2; most often - loaded team to nyne-deceased www.MP3.com; drives sales in the six-digit amount ; festivals and world tours with such monsters of modern heavy music like Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Shadows Fall, Lamb Of God, Hatebreed, Himsa and The Black Dahlia Murder ,. And of course, with each new round of the fans became more and more ;they in turn tucked his friends on Muzychko AILD, and those. .. well, you know how it all works. ..

Swipe a few lichtokv on your calendar - 2005. Become stronger continuous tour, enriched again in the composition (second guitar - NICK HIPA) and, consequently, new ideas ,in early January, As I Lay Dying entered the studio Big Fish in Ensinatas town, California, where they recorded their Collapse. With Lambesis again at the helm, this time with the help of his colleagues in the group, Phil [ Sgrosso ] and engineer in / co- proyusera Steve Russell, already adept quintet isolated himself from the world until the spring ,Show on people already with a ready product - meat, the worst, the most melodic and focused project to date from the pen AILD Shadows Are Security (Shadows is a safety) .

" All those concerts we played in support of the Frail Words Collapse really helped us take a closer look and pikinut what songs work ` live `and what does not - says the leader of the five Tim - and this has helped us to focus our direction on this record. [ In the Shadows] there is even slower ballad "Repeating Yesterday" (Repeating yesterday) , but it serves its purpose, which is to link the entire album together. And speaking about the energy level, I think ,that all these songs will be great to listen to and be taken alive. "

Thematically, the album is as fleshy and creatively beautiful - with a fill zubodrobilny Mancino and strict, but melodic guitar riffs that seem to be both inspiring and down to earth lyrics Lambesis. Although Tim did not dare to call Shadows absolutely a concept album, he agrees that the overall concept is that transmitted a certain sequence of soaring "Confined" (Locked) to the spiritual "Control Is Dead" (Control Is Dead) , a guest at a He became vocals of Dan Zao), and summing up "Illusions" (Illusion) . "My lyrics have always proceeded from a very personal experience, but this album is the story of the last two years of my life, the history of all that I have learned during this time, - says Tim. - Textual, the album flows along the same beaten track - I begin by saying that questioning everything that I know ,assessing and reassessing what brings value and realizing what is meaningless. " If all this sounds too lofty, you Lambesis can help you all to land : " In fact, this album is about love and how to learn to love again. "

With another series of massive tour in support of his Shadows And Security,including participation in the prestigious annual Cornerstone Christian festival, as well as performance in the role of one of the headliners on the second stage at Ozzfest 2005, As I Lay Dying has enormous potential to bring love, pain and the sound of many fans around the world. Although Tim agrees that finding such a success ,it would be easy to get sick stellar disease, but his life and the lives of his comrades in As I Lay Dying shows how down to earth they are. "We all know how popular metalcore today, and we certainly would not have presented any difficulty to write powerful metalkorovy materialthan we would have paid back a tribute to the popularity of this and would take advantage of its benefits, "he says. " But I feel that we recorded the album, which, despite some metalkorovye elements is timeless, classic metal record. Yes, and in addition, on the basis of all that I have learned about us, as a group ,Why do I do the same thing that everyone else is doing, the more so that this wave is not new ? "

And speaking of their spirituality and Christian beliefs, should only read the texts of Tim and interviews with a variety of [ a Christian and Chaldean magazines and websites ], and all will become clear. In the future, the future wait for the interview with this team. .. I can assure you that there is listening - and it`s not just noise ; They came to express themselves, their music, about his life and his God.

It seems that San Diego is rich in talent, and not just. .. First Talat P. O.D., then Switchfoot ,and now As I Lay Dying. .. They are aware of their abilities, they feel bright flame inside and full of blood in their veins, they know God, and God knows them. "If God is with us, who is against us. .. "

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