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Year of birth: 1987

Age: 28 years

Citizenship: United States


`Ashworth` -American clothing company specializing in the uniforms for the game of golf.

Founded in 1987 -m Montyel Gerald (Gerald Montiel) and John Eshuort (John Ashworth); Thoth moment nazyvalasy Ona `Charter Golf, Inc`. By John sozdaniya companies byl zayadlym igrokom in golyf and Montyel managed magazinom sportivnyh load;nachalosy gee sotrudnichestvo in 1985 - m - namely togda Montyel Nanyang Eshuorta of dolzhnosty zakupshtika. Razumeetsya, Ashworth had to buy goods for the department for golfers.

Pretty soon Montiel and Ashworth discovered that clothing makers course is clearly not very interested in the latest fashion trends.Shop Montiel eventually had to close - that`s when John and Gerald decided to start a new project. Ashworth is engaged in development projects clothing, Montiel was seeking start-up capital. In the end, he managed to collect 685,000 dollars; it is the money and `Charter Golf, Inc` was created.

The first year,the company turned out to be not very rapid - a total of one year his partner sold the goods to 374000 dollars. However, sales grew quite quickly - for 1989 th company sold accessories such as golf course worth $ 2.14 million. In 1990, the company entered the stock market; collected funds helped them to hire a number of golf stars -Kaplsa Fred (Fred Couples), John Cook (John Cook), Verplanck Scott (Scott Verplank), Ernie Els (Ernie Els), Dave Stockton (Dave Stockton).

Sales growth continued, and then - in 1992, the company collected 10.9 million dollars. The Company significantly expanded its funds. In 1994, `Charter Golf, Inc` was renamed` Ashworth, Inc`.The success of the company accompanied by another year; in 1995, the firm started having problems - due to unexpected difficulties, associated with the transition to a new information management system. At the beginning of 1995, one of the top officials of the company became Vershkul Rick (Rick Werschkul); however, at the beginning of 1996he left his post - is largely due to the aforementioned problems with the information system. Montiel had to re- take the reins into their own hands; however, by the end of the year, he managed to find a new replacement - Herrela Randy (Randy Herrel) of `Quicksilver, Inc`. Herrel with the tasks set before them coped brilliantly -thanks to his managerial talents sales growth resumed. In 1989, the firm has managed to gain 2.1 million, and in 1995 - 74.5 million; in 1998 `Ashworth, Inc` rescued 89 million. John Ashworth left the company in 1997, because of the` philosophical raznoglasiy`. In 2001, he signed a contract on cooperation with non- competing firms expired;John found a new shelter in `Quicksilver, Inc`. Almost immediately, Ashworth has launched a new collection of clothing for the game of golf - `Fidra`. Montiel left the company at the end of 1998. The company continued to operate successfully under the direction of Randy Herrela. In 2001, it signed a license agreement with `Calloway Golf`;by agreement of the `Ashworth, Inc` received the right to develop, market and distribute a line of clothing under the brand name` Calloway`. Sales climbed higher and higher - in 2004 they amounted to 173 million dollars, in 2005 - has exceeded 200 million.

Soon `Ashworth, Inc` began a new black strip -this time the main source of trouble become overly active competitors. In early 2006, Randy Herrel left the position held; new CEO - Fletcher Allan (Allan Fletcher) - Board of Directors hired at the end of 2007. He detained in the company, but not for long - as early as October 2008, `Ashworth` was bought by a group of` TaylorMade-Adidas `.

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