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Birthday 08.1981

God Birth : 1981

Age: 34 year

Place of birth : Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship : United States


By the end of the 90 musicians are mainly engaged in solo projects, and the band came out only compilations. Only in 2001, a new studiynik was recorded, "Aura", in whose establishment except Downs and Payne attended a new drummer - Chris Slade.

Owe their existence to such teams as the "Yes" (Steve Howey and Geoffrey Downes) "ELP" (Carl Palmer) and "UK" (John Wetton) , "Asia" - the first supergroup 80 and the biggest disappointment for all fans of art-rock. For based in Los Angeles in August 1981, the group undertook known for his work with the "Foreigner", "Queen" and "Journey" producer Mike Stone. a contract with the "Geffen Records" was signed in December of the same year. Released in April 1982 debut album was recorded in five months in London "Townhouse Studios". The plate was waiting for commercial success : it is 9 weeks topped shtatovskih hits, and in England has risen to 11 seats. The song "Heat Of The Moment" won 4th place in the Americas and 46th - in the UK. The second single, "Only Time Will Tell",It took place 17 US charts and 54 th - English. The disc itself eventually became the three " platinum " in the United States, selling in the country sold more than two million copies, five times " platinum " - in Canada, and has received "gold" in many other countries. As for the music, which is performed by a group, it was a very melodic "heavy" rock,calculated on the average listener.

Debut album contained a number of attractive compositions, the most popular of which was published by the single "Heat Of The Moment". Among other things in a similar style were made "Only Time Will Tell" and "Here Comes The Feeling". On the second album of the present composition in the spirit symphonic prog 70s.The strength of the group have always been live show as musicians suffered from decades of experience. Vsvete successful albums and singles first world tour of the ensemble was waiting for a major success.

In the spring of 1983, departed by the time Wetton during concerts substituted for Greg Lake. Introduced in August 1983, the second album (again with Wetton) , "Alpha",I recorded from February to March in Canada. This CD is 11 weeks, finished fifth in the British charts. The hit was the song "Do not Cry". 6 December the same year, the quartet gave a concert in Tokyo, published later on videotape "Asia In Asia". In the meantime, the group has matured conflict. All songs were mostly written in tandem Wetton - Downes. Steve Howie insisted on something new, while John Wetton wanted to continue in the same spirit. I disagree with this policy Howie left. In 1985 she released their third disc, "Astra", recorded with new guitarist Mandy Meyer (ex "Krokus"). This album for one week got on line 68 of the English charts.Along with a few in the style of AOR songs like "After The War" LP contained a second-rate pop songs like "Wishing". Meyer clearly not suited to the role of Howie, and in early 1986, the band was dissolved.

For some time the musicians were busy with solo projects, but later, "Asia" was revived three years. In addition, John Wetton ,Carl Palmer, Geoffrey Downes in its composition entered Pat Troll (ex- "Automatic man"). "Then And Now" consisted of old material from the first two records and one song ("Voice Of America") - with the third. Of the four new songs none of them was particularly close to the " progressive ". Some success in the United States had "Days Like These".In June 199goda resurrected "Asia" gave a memorable concert in Nottingham, published later on a video "Andromeda". In the summer of 1991, he was released by the band -produced live album "Live In Moscow", recorded with Pat Troll. Contents of the CD was a compilation of time-tested old things in half with individual instrumental solos. Interest is the interpretation of "Starless" and "Book Of Saturday" from "King Crimson", as well as the final composition "Kari-Anne". After the release of the disc from the team again left John Wetton. Downs invited to the team of John Payne (bass ,vocals) and Al Pitrelli (guitar) . In the spring of 1992, the album was "Aqua", the absolute leader and was produced by Geoffrey Downes. His record also participated Carl Palmer and Steve Howe. "Aqua" was even less progressive than its predecessor. The best things here were instrumentals Howie and the single "Who Will Stop The Rain?",though not particularly art -rock. Due to contractual obligations Palmer, Howie and Pitrelli could not take part in live performances, so the tour went Downes, Payne, Trevor Thornton (drums) and Vinny Burns (guitar) .

The turning point for the better took place in 1996 with the release of the album "Arena" - the most powerful drive "Asia" in 90 years. It Geoffrey Downes finally received full freedom of expression. By the end of the 90 musicians are mainly engaged in solo projects, and the band came out only compilations. Only in 2001, a new studiynik was recorded, "Aura", in whose establishment except Downs and Payne attended a new drummer - Chris Slade

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