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alternative metal group At The Drive-In There is already since 1994 ,has released two whole long play and several EP, but for a long time continue his native El Paso (Texas) about it, no one knew.

And all because in its augmented alternativity team worked on a completely no one is dependent labels. But finally came the turn independentnym goodbye to childhood and a good start to untwist youthsigning a contract with a solid firm. Now the band plays on huge stadiums, warming up the audience before the Rage Against The Machine. In El Paso, some say, that At The Drive-In sold out, but the rest of the world seems to think otherwise.

In the work of At The Drive-In intersect tradition Hardy and heavy, punk and grunge, rap - metal and. .. art rock. By the way, it is a remarkable guitarist surname Ward. Even if it has no relation to the past, Bill, that the relationship between the At The Drive-In and Black Sabbath are obvious, as well as c Rush, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, and in some places even c The Cure. Among modern teams among like-minded people can be called Faith No More,the same Rage. .. (although, again, At The Drive-In much less one-dimensional than the last) , and even Placebo. Heavy and hard tissue instrumental in At The Drive-In is built on several interweaving solo parties, flavored, of course, a fair amount of overtone " dirt. "Sometimes broken chords punched painfully familiar brutal riffs, which are quite easily replaced riffs on the piano accordion and even motives. The singer shows almost academic (at least in terms of rock) style of singing, but free passes to rap and punk " otvyaz ". Attention is drawn to the "live" sound character with a modest use of all kinds of electronic- synth effects and compression.

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