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Group "Ataris" from the town of Anderson, Indiana, was formed in 1994. Its original lineup consisted of just two people, Kris Roe and Dzheysina Thomason and drummer functions performed drum machine.While they were searching for a live drummer, the guys did not waste time in vain, and locked in the bedroom Chris recorded on chetyrehdorozhechnik their demos. Once Roh had visited a concert "Vandals", and he slipped his films some roadie of the group. Entries liked one of the "vandals", Joe Escalante,and with it a few weeks "Ataris" received an invitation from "Kung Fu Records".

After signing the necessary papers label he organized a search of a drummer, and eventually this position took Derrick Plaurd. In 1997 -m full-length debut, "Anywhere But Here", after which Roh and his colleagues moved to California.There`s a "Ataris" joined by bassist Mark 72, and Thomason soon returned home.

AtarisOsenyu 1997, the team conducted a brief tour, after which the original structure has been dissolved, and Chris got himself new recruits in the face of Mike Davenport (bass), Chris Knapp (drums) and Marco Pena (guitar). Last,though not for long stayed in the group and gave up his place

Patrick Riley. the team `s popularity in punk circles slowly beginning to grow after the EP" Look Forward to Failure ", where one of the tracks to attend Mark Hoppus (" Blink- 182 ") . However, the widely known "Ataris" received only in 1999 when the light appeared "Blue Skies,Broken Hearts. .. Next 12 Exits "This album contained pop -. Punk anthem" San Dimas High School Football Rules ", has been recognized by fans of the band the best of its creation.Almost immediately after the release of Riley left, and returned to the team Marco Pena. in 2000, after a tour in the company of "MxPx" and "Blink-182 "band recorded a split with the Israeli band" Useless ID ", and also took part in the creation of tribute album" Punk Goes Metal ", performing a cover of" Skid Row "" I Remember You ".

Ataris In 2001 released their third LP, "End Is Forever". Although the album was recorded in a wild rush, and the result is not like Po,many fans have found quite a decent job. After Marco Pena replaced John Collura, "Ataris" concluded a major contract with "Columbia Records". "So Long, Astoria" Published this label album gave the band a success in the mainstream scene. Among the successful singles were listed "In This Diary","The Saddest Song" and a cover of Don Henley`s "The Boys of Summer". In the same year the band recorded an acoustic version of "Eight Of Nine" for the compilation "Punk Goes Acoustic", as well as the song "Rock`n`Roll High School" for the "Ramones" tribute. In 2004, "Ataris" performed a song "The Night The Lights Went Out In NYC",sounded in the movie "Spider-Man 2 ," and released a live album "Live at the Metro".

At the end of the year gone Davenport and Knapp, but less than two months as a part of the five persons were formally introduced : Sean Hansen (bass) , Shane Chikles (drums) , Bob Hoag (keyboards)

Paul Carabelli (guitar, vocals) and Angus Cook (cello).This configuration began recording an album with the working title "Welcome the Night", but problems have arisen with the label questioned the appearance of the disc to the light.

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