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At the beginning of 1988 to the team joined guitarist Rand Barki, and thus classical composition "Atheist" was finally formed.

It was a hot Florida summer 1984-th when the local scene there was another heavy team called "Oblivion". This Banda, who played something tresheobraznoe soon changed its sign on "R.A.V.A.G.E." ("Raging atheists vowing a gory end"). For a while, in the Number group, vocalist Scrappy, but in 1986 he was dismissed, and its functions cellar under her guitarist Kelly Schafer. Then the team came to the bass player Roger Patterson, whose appearance gave a significant boost to the creative development of " atheists ". By November 1986, the group pulled a second guitarist, Mark Shotsberg, and with his participation was recorded demo "On they slay".

The film received a warm welcome in the underground, and death metalimpresario Borivodzh Kergin was so impressed with the recording that offered guys shove their songs on the compilation "Raging death", and he went on to become the band`s manager. Before compilation was published, Shotsberga put out the door as the other participants in the project did not suit his job. Left three of Kelly ,Roger and drummer Steve Flynn recorded another demo, "Hell halts no mercy", which however, had remained unfulfilled.

At the beginning of 1988 to the team joined guitarist Rand Barki, and thus classical composition "Atheist" was finally formed.In April the band went into the studio death metal "Morrisound" and produced the fourth demo, "Beyond". It was already time to sign a contract, but it took a few months before the " atheists " have signed a paper with "Mean machine records". In November 1988, the team returned to the "Morrisound studios",where under the guidance of renowned producer Scott Burns made his first album. By this time, "Atheist" developed his own unique style, which later received the classification of techno-death.

On the "Piece of time" is precisely this unique mix of death metal, jazz was introduced, heavy, thrash and progressive. Unfortunately, the album did not come out in timeBecause the label went bankrupt, and the musicians had to look for a new contract. "Piece of time" went on sale only in 1990 with the help of the European label "Roadracer Active Records".

During the year the group toured extensively in Europe and North America, sharing the stage with bands such as site "Napalm death", "Morbid angel", "Obituary","Forbidden", "Candlemass", "Death angel" and "Exodus". During a tour in the States was a tragedy. The machine, which moved " atheists ", got into an accident, causing Roger Patterson died. However, work on the second album has already begun, and Schafer, although strongly experienced the loss of bassist, decided not to stop halfway. Sessions "Unquestionable Presence" has been completed with the help of Tony Choi from "Cynic". However, Choi was soon gone to "Pestilence", and was replaced by Darren McFarland. By the summer of 1992, after several rounds of failed the team was on the verge of collapse.

Kelly focused on the new project "Neurotica",and a contractual obligation to label forced him to write a third " atheistic " album. As part of Schafer, Choi, Barki, Amy Frank (guitar) and Josh Greenbaum (drums) "Atheist" was surprisingly Mighty drive "Elements" and even held Eurotrip with the support of "Benediction" and "Cemetary". But Shafer increasingly drawn to "Neurotica",and soon the team finally broke up. At the beginning of the new millennium, Kelly tried to revive the project, but nothing came of it, and the fans have not seen the promised new album.

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