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Year of birth : 1970

Age: 45 years

Place of birth : Dorvill, USA

Citizenship : United States


ATLANTA RHYTHM SEKSHN (Atlanta Rhythm Section), American rock band (ie. N. "Southern rock ") . Founded in 1970.

The group was founded in the town of Doraville (Georgia) in the autumn of 1970, while all the participants were familiar with each other and worked together for many years. The initiator of its creation was the manager ,songwriter and producer Beau Buddy (Buddy Buie); ex- guitarist CLASSICS IV James " JR " Cobb (James JR Cobb, p. 5 February 1944, Birmingham, Alabama) , and played with the band at the time keyboardist Dean Daughtry (Dean Daughtry, p. 8 September 1946, Kinston, Alabama) left and started working on new songs belonging to Buddy Studio One.Veteran rockDaughtry scene of the South from 1964 to 1967 was accompanied by Roy Orbison, and when fired Orbison THE CANDYMEN, reorganized the group and a couple of years has performed and recorded with them a cover version of THE BEACH BOYS and THE BEATLES, as well as their composition in the country-rock style. When Beau Bailey and Daughtry are ripe for the record, the composition of their group ,get a clean code name ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION, supplemented participants THE CANDYMEN: Rodney Justa (Rodney Justo; vocals), Barry Bailey (Barry Bailey, p June 12, 1948, Decatur, Georgia, lead guitar.) and Paul Goddard (Paul Goddard, p. June 23, 1945, Rome, GA ; bass, vocals) , played in the latest version of the group, and Robert Nix (Robert Nix; drums)Starting with Daughtry still have Orbison. In addition, he recorded with Ike and Tina Turner and LYNYRD SKYNYRD. Bailey worked with Allen Toussaint, Felix Pappalardi and Maylona Lefebvre and Daughtry played with Al Cooper and Maylonom Lefebvre. In 1971, ARC began touring - first in the states of the South, and then across the country ,the following year signed a contract with MCA and debuted with the album "Atlanta Rhythm Section". JUST he is gone, and his place at the microphone stand took sound engineer Studio One Ronnie Hammond (Ronnie Hammond, p. In Macon, GA). His debut on the band`s second album "Back Up Against The Wall". In 1973, Bailey, Cobb ,Daughtry and Nix took part in the recording FRANKIE AND JOHNNY duo album, and later that year signed a new contract with Polydor - and in September released the album "Third Annual Pipe Dream" (

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