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Year of birth : 1991

Age: 24 year

Place of Birth : Houston, Texas, USA

Citizenship : United States

Art- rock with a Christian slant

Representatives of art-rock, `Atomic Opera`,appeared on the American hard rock scene in the early 1990s, and from the very first years of the paved road that in the following years were all groups acting in similar styles. At the sound of medieval and oriental music group elements blended contemporary electronic musical instruments and very varied vocals. But how exactly it was founded `Atomic Opera`? Who was behind the group ? And the musicians managed to survive a sharp change of style, which coincided with the transition of mankind in the new century ,and remain at the same level ?

`Atomic Opera` - a popular American rock band formed in 1991 in Houston, Texas (Houston, Texas). Despite the fact that the band`s sound is difficult to describe the scope of one style, many include `Atomic Opera` among the founders of this style, like art-rock ; however,the band`s sound can often hear elements of progressive rock, metal, and extremely unusual elements - from the sound of musical instruments to medieval oriental motifs. In total, the group has released four studio albums and a fifth disc, `The Mystery of Hope`, is in the final stages of recording. Curious,that for a long history of `Atomic Opera` in a group of about 10 musicians changed at different times ; ` vechnym` only member of the group is Frank Hart (Frank Hart), who plays guitar, cello, bass, and a vocalist.

`Atomic Opera` Group was founded in 1991 ;at the origins of the team base was Frank Hart, who had just moved to Houston, Texas, his home state of Missouri. Shortly after the move, he met Sam Taylor (Sam Taylor), who quickly became his friend, and afterwards he was appointed manager and producer groups. In the following months techenieneskolkih composition `Atomic Opera` added three new names : Jonathan Marshall (Jonathan Marshall), Mark Poindexter (Mark Poindexter) and Len Sonnier (Len Sonnier). The last of these musicians was the brother of Dana Sonniera, best known for working with `Galactic Cowboys`.

In the same 1991m, the band began work in the studio `Rampart`; and the result of their efforts began to songs like `For Madmen Only`,` Daze of Love In Grey`, `The Meaningless Word` and ` everdream`.

In 1994, the band released their first studio album `For Madmen Only`.Shortly before the start of work on the record with the group there was a funny story: one of their performances attended Derek Shulman (Derek Shulman), president of the record company `Collision Arts`; he was filled with the works of the group that did not have time to leave the stage musicians, he offered them a contract with his label. At the same time, the group began to give concerts with bands such as `Dio` and ` King`s X`, so it seemed to many that the group is about ` vystrelit` and get on the first line of the rating and charts. But a key element of their work was the cause ,at which the group has not achieved peaks : in every song you could see Christian themes that are not too liking hard rock fans who are accustomed to hear more swearing and wild cries, rather than lyrical songs about faith and relationship with God. Need to mark,that the musicians themselves do not consider themselves ` Christian gruppoy` and said more than once that deny the very idea of the Christian music industry. In 1997, the group presented the album `Penguin Dust`, and in 1999 -` Alpha and Oranges`.

The last album to date, `Gospel Cola`, was released in the year 2000. The fifth album of the band ,`The Mystery of Hope`, as follows from the rumors, is in the final stages of recording to date.

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