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Year of birth : 2009

Age: 6 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship : United States

Supergroup and the peaceful atom

The supergroup, founded in 2009 in Los Angeles. Kakoe-While the musicians acted as `Thom Yorke`s Live Band`. Their first official album called `Amok` released in February 2013.

Generally, the supergroup - it teams with already having known musicians. As a rule, it is a third-party projects rock stars, representatives of religious groups.

So, supergroup `Atoms for Peace` -is primarily Thom Yorke (Thom Yorke), legendary guitarist of `Radiohead`. By the way, established in 2009, the team until the following year did not have a title, it knew how `Thom Yorke`s Live Band`, something like ` Thom Yorke `. As a result, the name stuck `Atoms for Peace` - it is also a song of York from his solo album ` The Eraser`.Other members of the supergroup - no less than the legendary musician, bassist of `Red Hot Chili Peppers` Flea (Flea); as well as the producer of the same `Radiohead` Nigel Godrich (Nigel Godrich), which plays in the supergroup keyboards and synthesizers. The other two participants - a percussionist Mauro Refosco (Mauro Refosco) of `Forro in the Dark` and drummer Joey Varonker (Joey Waronker) from the famous group ` R.E.M.`.

For the first time the team has performed in October 2009 in `Echoplex` in Los Angeles (Los Angeles), and then sounded compositions York solo project ` The Eraser`.After that there were two concerts in the theater Orpheum Theatre.

In April 2010, the group drove a short tour round in major American cities in which acted, and at the festival Coachella Festival.

Song `Judge, Jury and Executioner`, according to Thom Yorke - is the first official song together ` Atoms for Peace`. Incidentally,ideologist and the main driving force behind the group continues to advocate York, and many perceive `Atoms for Peace` as another of his solo project.

The first official album called `Amok` was released in February 2013. ` We just got together in the studio and jammed three days - it was a complete improvizatsiya` ,

- I said about the job Flea. It is noted that experts and critics is nothing revolutionary in the album are not considered, however, and pass it in no hurry. So, someone called the album a few brave ` skuchnovatym`, but some songs like ` Before Your Very Eyes`, still honored and praised.

In general, the identity of Thom Yorke, has already become the world`s rockmusic cult figure, many interfere evaluate his work - because it by definition can not make bad music. Thus, the opinion was expressed that if New York wanted a normal assessment, he should release an album anonymously. Again, anonymity - is not an attribute of the supergroup, which proclaims itself the `Atoms for Peace`.

So,today released their first studio album by supergroup `Atoms for Peace`, which, without doubt, be called a very successful musical experiment is very well-known musicians

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